The Diary Game: My Tuesday Activities: Had Training Today for Skilled Craft Person To Enhance Productivity

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Hello good evening
Another opportunity is here again with us to share my diary game activities to you all. Is a pleasure for the this great opportunity and to all those who have time to read and comments my list, I say thank you 🙏.

Now let’s go straight to the activity of the day.
We were supposed to have this training last week but unfortunately, we couldn’t have and it came on today.
The training is Kaizan Concepts in our working environment. Kaizen is a Japanese term and it’s simply means to put things in order in ensuring productivity.
We believe there are so many nuisances and waste around our working environment which sometimes slows production.
This concepts seeks to define the fact that, things can be made simple without spending too much time on certain things.




We were just expecting 13 SCPS but only 11 reported. This couldn’t stop us from learning something.
They really enjoyed it and vowed to apply this concepts in their work place.
We spent not less than 2 hours with the training.

From there I came home, did some report and then forwarded it to my boss for review.

Afterwards, I rested and later in the evening I watched some of the Afcons matches.

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