The Diary Game: My Tuesday Activities (15/02/2022))

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Hello guys,

Is a great pleasure to once again come your way with another diary of my day, we thank God for the gift of life. I hope everyone is doing great so far in 2022, all things are possible for the one who believes so just believe and continue to work hard and trust in God and everything will fall in their right places

Thank God for today, today being Tuesday, am suppose to be at the work place but due to some circumstances, I spend the whole day in the house attending to some errands and some little activities. The day was so sunny, the harmattan season is gradually fading off giving way to the scotching sun, today was indeed very hot. I woke up this morning and made sure I had my usual morning routines, that is, having some prayers and also exercising my body. I took waakye as my break fast 🍛, and had my bath to start the day in a very good spirit.

First of all, I was sent to do some transactions, to transfer some money to my little sister in school. The mobile money mechant was just a stone throw from my house, so it took me less time to get there and quickly I was able to finish my first assignment for the day.

With Timothy at the MoMo mechant

With my friend, we proceeded to buy prepaid credit. Our prepaid got finished this afternoon, so I was sent to buy some for tonight.

At the prepaid selling point

Today happens to be the return of the UEFA champions league, and my team will be in action today, very excited because I really miss watching the championship league after such a long break. The anticipation is very high and the competition will be very tight, I just hope my team makes me proud because I don't want any heart break this evening 😊.

My day was very great, despite the fact that it was very sunny and hot. I hope your day too was great, share with us and let's learn and have fun. Stay safe and remember to be happy, stay bless and shalom 🙏.

Thank you for your time.

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