The Diary Game: My Monday Activities (24/01/2022)

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Hello guys,

Mondays mark the start of the formal working days, and no matter the kind of work you find yourself, you will always want to go out to work inorder to bring money home. My Monday was full of work and nothing else, I woke up very early, I stay in a compound house with many school children who always queue to take their bath in the morning, so I have to take my bath so early before the bathing queue starts😊. I left home at around 6:00am to beat traffic. My work place is in the heart of Accra, making it very hectic to go to work everyday because of traffic, but all the same, I was able to get to work safely and the day continues from there.

As one will always expect Mondays to be very busy, yeah!!!, it was actually busy for me. We had a lot of orders and customers that we have to attend to, we were able to achieve our target for the day, it was very great!!!!.

I hope the week ahead of me goes very well, hope your day too went well. Take care of yourself and stay safe.

Thank you for passing by

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Very excellent to achieve your goals for the day and even go beyond it. Great work done.

Keep it up and thanks for sharing your day with us.

My guy, hope you good...?

Yes bro and hope you are too?