The Diary Game: My Friday Activities (28/01/2022)

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Whatsup guys,

Today I woke up a little bit late, that's around 6:30am. I don't normally wake up so late but today was quite different because I was feeling a little not well last night. Thank God am now very strong and active. Hope you are also doing great and your week was very great too. I bring you the dairy of my Friday once again, it is an opportunity that shouldn't be taken lightly. Today, the only activity that will probably consume my entire day I guess is going to the MTN office to have my biometric registration of my sim card linked to my Ghana card.

The biometric sim card and Ghana card registration are the two exercises currently taking place vehemently in Ghana, it has been announced that by July this year, who ever fails to link these two cards and have his or her biometric registration wouldn't be able to use their sim card anymore. I don't really know how true is that but inorder to be at the safer side, I decided to go and register my sim card biometrically after linking it with my Ghana card.

People in a long queue just to register their sim cards.

One thing that faustrated me and made my day a very tiring one is the time I spent trying to register my sim card, as you can see from the pictures above, the number of people that were present to register their sim cards. And what made it even worst was the situation were the officials will tell us that the system has either stopped or is very slow, as stated earlier, I spent my entire day at that place and unfortunately, I couldn't register my sim card due to too many people and not enough time. I was really tired and hungry 🥱.

After a very long day, I was very hungry and very exhausted so I decided to go get some food for myself, I bought some kenkey with fried fish and hot pepper. I bought it on my way home, at least, I can manage that for now.

My hot kenkey and pepper sitting in the plate🍛.
The day actually didn't go as planned or my way, but all the same, we move and hope for better days. I will not give up yet but will go back and try again, this tells us that things will not always go our way, but we still have to move on with the hope that everything will fall at the right place in the future. Take care of yourself and have a very wonderful weekend, shalom 🙏.

Thanks for passing by friend!!!!

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