Contest!!! Contest!! Contest! : Three of my posts that never had the attention I anticipated.

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The most common and known thing we do on the steem blockchain is writing pieces of information or literature to educate, entertained and inspire members. And the author of the post expect some good feedback on their content, this will create that confidence in them to bring out more content.

Let me quickly add that, an attention on a post is not all about the bigger up votes, I have seen a post with over 100 views and comments but with less than $2.00, this kind of attention also inspires a lot. But a post with such attention and a good upvotes climax the attention on the post and gives back some cash for airtime 😊.

I have had a couple of posts which I think didn't get the attention I anticipated for when I was writing them, and this is a very good opportunity to give them other chance. Thank you to @steem-ghana for organizing this contest.

The first post on the list is A visit to Kalijisa no.2 primary school in Sandema in the Upper East Region of Ghana to educate pupils on hand washing.

Out of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), goal 3 talks about good health and well being. And this is only attainable when we start doing the small things right, like washing our hands thoroughly after visiting the wash room or doing any other activity that requires us to wash our hands.

This post was one of my favorite posts because of what I did and the benefits it can bring, I decided to share it on Steem blockchain to also let's us know how we can help sustain good health by doing the small things like washing our hands with running water. I will like us to still learn something from this post.

The second post on the list is my adventurous journey from Navrongo to Sandema-Wiaga Chiok.

The names of these two towns may sound unfamaliar to your ears but they are nice villages located in the upper east region of Ghana.

Hello fellow Steemians, happy to knock on your doors once again, today we are taking a tour on the journey I made from Navrongo which is where my school is to Sandema- Wiaga Chiok which is about 28kilometers away for an outreach program.

This post talks about a journey I made with my church members to a village called Wiaga-chiok in Sandema, in the post, I tried to give step by step view of what transpired during the journey. I called it an adventurous because it was a whole experience one could ever have besides, it was my first time going to that place. I talked about some important traditional vegetations and buildings which I think deserve more attention than it had.

The third post on the list is Promoting steem on campus and giving out steem t-shirts.

In my last promo post in this community i talked about showing love to people we promote steemit to is a very good and effective way to bring people on board and also put smiles on the faces of people we meet. Also, people will propagate the steem message by simply reping a steem brand. In effect, we are turning people we share the steem message with into steem messengers and promoters.

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In 2021, promoting steem was one of my major activities on the steem blockchain. I spent time propagating the steem message to my friends and anyone I came across. I mostly do this in my steem t - shirt, so I decided to buy some steem branded t-shirts for my targeted people in my cause of promoting steem. It was a joyful moment showing love with steem. This post deserve much attention not just because of the resources and time expended on it but a way of showing love to the people we meet in our promotional activities.


Getting attention on a post is very necessary, it boost your confidence and pushes you to do more. With this contest, I hope to grab the attention needed on these posts.


Happy New year 💥💥

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Very needful . Schools need to be taught importance of hand washing . What we teach them young will stay with them forever. You have done great sharing. Cleanliness is next to godliness. And that is a beautiful improvisation of gallons to aid washing of hands. I have seen one before but how this thought appeared to the inventor. Children play a lot on the floor and they carry with them a lot of germs. I hope Kalijisa no 2 primary school learn something from that. Leaders must also try to help the community by providing them with well equipped health facilities. It is worth visiting

Promoting steem on campus is very important. You mentioned that showing love to members is one key that urges members on. You did great bro. Visiting other steemians and knowing their sentiments is very good to keep them active. Some of their challenges are very common,that of upvotes,difficulty in navigating and connecting with other members. It isn't easy. Has Felicia joined yet? In fact you have done great. I urge other steemians to visit your nominations.

Keep sharing needful content

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