Contest! Contest!! Contest!!!: Tell us what can be done by leaders to sustain the current active members

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Good leaders consider the views of their followers in leadership, that is leadership. When followers are not seen as spectators but part of the leadership process by considering their inputs and opinions, it drives unity, growth and development.

This is a good contest which will help the community identify some problems and obstacles hindering its progress, kudos to @steem-ghana, @oppongk and all the executive board for organizing such a good contest. A special thanks to @kookd for this initiative.

Having a bunch of inactive members is like not having members at all, when members become reluctant and dormant, it can create set backs for the community in terms of growth, @steem-ghana community and any other community on the steem blockchain needs vibrate and dedicated members who takes part in every activity and programs roll out by the community.

There are a number of initiatives that can be carry out to maintain activeness of members and also bring more on board, some of these initiatives are; motivation, education and engagement.

Leaders should put in place incentives to motivate members

One main thing that can keep members active on the platform is being motivated for what they do, is not a denying fact that members will become inactive when they consistently don't get rewarded for what they do, they become frustrated and tired and don't even have any motivation to continue producing content or commenting or partaking in any order activity. What then should be done by leaders to solve this? I suggest that leaders should fuel more and promote community building, relaying on votes from only curators is not enough and will always leave some members out which makes them reluctant to take part in any activities. So leaders should advocate more for community sustainability and self reliance through encouraging members to support community by making delegations to the community and also setting the community as a beneficiary.

We can become self reliance and sustainable by our contribution

Educating community members on how to be active and do the right post

Some members are inactive simply because they don't know which community to post their content and also how to understand and navigate the platform is a problem for some members especially newbies who just joined the platform. I will commend the leaders of @steem-ghana for always giving educational posts to educate members on how to do quality posts and navigate the platform. I suggest to leaders to constantly educate members on how to use the steem network and that way members will become active

Education can help maintain members activeness

Engaging members in the

Having constant interaction and engagement with community by leaders maintain activeness, example of engaging the community is by organizing contests, some members finds it difficult to come up with an idea to produce a post, so that way they become dormant, but with contests, they are able to be active. Also, updating community members on new developments and plans of community through constant reports, check on inactive members via calls, organizing meet ups or games and normal meetings like discord radio talk shows. This activities engages members and bringing them to live, this way, they become very active in the community.

Members engagement can bring activeness

I will like to end by saying that community activeness is the responsibility of all members, leaders are just there to guide us. Let's keep on steeming on because you never know your lucky day 😊.


Thank you for passing by

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Thanks very much for taking part in Steem Ghana Contest. I really found your work to be very good.