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in hive-187187 •  8 months ago  (edited)

If you guys allow us to trade our steem for trx in the steemit platform it will make steem more liquid thus increasing its price.

It will also make it easier for USA 🇺🇸 users to buy steem. Currently there are very few exchanges which USA users can use to buy steem.


The market allows you to trade SBD for steem but doesn’t allow you to trade TRX for steem.

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that would be great if we could do that

according to steem predictions it will go up or down sir.

Adding an integration of TRX/steem exchange in the internal market will be great. Hope that steemit will add this integration in the internal market.

This is really a good proposition, let's hope it comes true.

yo apuesto al Trx actualmente esta en el top 30 de las criptomonedas..

Thanks for good information 💕

I noticed SBD payout has decreased. Did witnesses change payout calculations recently?

Steem prices are going up now.

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