Looking at Steem returns 496% in 1 year, Steem Dollars up 901%. Crazy good

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How can anyone feel bad about the last year of Steem returns? Coingeko thinks 30% of people think badly of Steem. How?
Haters gonna hate lol.

I wish I had known about it back a year ago! Such a crazy return


And even more incredibly the Steem Dollar price is up 901% in a year. At least the feeling is 100% good for Steem Dollars!!


I can imagine Steem will return to the all-time highs of $8.19 in the coming years, and I am excited about the potential of the site. Free transactions whereas fees on Ethereum or Bitcoin are just crazy and will continue to be such a big waste of money.

Do you agree we should continue to buy Steem now? Let me know what your expectations are in the comments!!

Liv x with love from Canada

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I'm disgusted at the thought of buying Steem.

Eew, gross. Dirty money.

I'd only want freshly minted.

Wow why