Power up || acceptance to club5050 contest

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Good day all lovely steemians how was your day, hope it went well. Today i bring to you Awesome contest, that would be help us and our account grow and also help the steem Blockchain grow.The major thing that can give us all this is power up, that is saving our funds instead of steady withdrawal. No big account grew up with to much power down(Withdrawal), they all made sacrifices of savings their funds by powering up all or at least 50% of their fund.


Note that the larger your steempower, the larger your curation rewards also note that the larger your steempower the stronger your influence grow on steemit. So in order to become a big like account like @crytokannon, @bright-obias, @ngoenyi etc. we all have to power up, this is the reason @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 came up with the #club5050 project to help grow our steem Blockchain.


  • Plagiarised contents are forbidden

  • Resteem and vote this post

  • To participate in this contest, you must power up at least 60 % of your steem

  • You must add the screenshots of before and after power up in your entry.

  • Write at least 100 words, why power-up is important and write that you have accepted the #club5050 project.

  • Invite at least #three of your friends to participate in the contest.
    Use this tags #club5050, #steempower , #steemexclusive , #steem-promo-africa

  • Entry must be shared within this community

  • The link to your entry post should be commented below this post.
    Note the higher the power up and the percentage powered up the higher your chances of winning.

Contest to last until this post expire



10 Steem would be shared

5 steem for the winners
And 5 steem Will be shared amoung contestants

I am inviting,
@afzalqamar, @mohammadfaisal, @mawattoo8 and @shabbir86
@oadissin @afriart, @ngoenyi, @auztyno8, @ustazkarim, @azianthony, @forthelove15, @cryptoki, @mwanjo, @nsicash, @jaichai, @samalesly, @dibie, @whyaskwhy, @promisearts, @remil, @ismaelflores, @dimple-gh, @g7terra, @burivennjah, @timamber, @southfront, @otike, @mingus, @acbaby, @goodtourism, @raimcy, @montex000, @firelight002, @jillyanyan, @gentlesun @kookd, @dadylumber, @earlito, @bsaad, @chimeroselam, @fredkese, @banapat, @menak, @njaywan, @zumain, @cryptokethor, @bettervision, @bigssam, @habdallah, @nattybongo, @pandev, @fortune182, @zhacchaeus, @mustaphaissah, @massachussets, @arimiyawu, @chenty, @miinah123, @mcsamm, @magcarnie, @abenaadepa, @euclid49, @tkkingsley, @collinz, @danielo109, @oduro.waa, @illy5, @yakeen20, @mukadas, @jairoi, @hajiataiba, @cherub27, @kenneth00, @gentles, @steem-ghana, @rhyda, @janetf, @elyon, @albertodecrutor, @juzkid, @kataali, @rannick, @nsikakedem, @delakloe, @rans69, @ophoto, @abduljawad002, @ijelady, @daakye, @rubilu123, @piini, @head1, @aisha567, @jhayss, @elliamor1, @mukka, @avagah, @successjoh, @oppongk, @arslanaj, @johnson3, @arinaz08, @ryzsfa, @yodarko24, @neilito, @zology69, @nanaagyei, @realib1, @unrulyskido, @phlexygee, @ahbaz, @markben, @bennethade, @dprogress, @chocolatebrown, @micon1488, @rich9090, @udeme84, @graceonyi, @kingcent, @humblesoul, @janebeverly, @bright-obias, @nanyachi21, @mkodeking, @obysuccess, @xkool24, @barnabie, @goodybest, @opeyemioguns, @kingkenny44, @kingmyke, @esthyfashion, @niglys8, @mccall18, @natural.pharmacy, @olawalium, @ofalamin, @mesola, @emaeyakjames, @kingreechy, @anthony27, @circwall, @loverboy10, @maubaby, @harryel, @fortwis09, @iddy, @josepha, @osolife, @benson6, @davidad, @ekemini5, @smartcliff, @enochgenius, @starshipsfly, @ick-graphics, @basseyicon, @the-martins, @ronindboss, @precious98, @noraandy, @nova001, @sammy-okeh, @chizzybahd, @offia66, @chianugo, @christian002, @praise-eu, @miideadams, @mosman, @sahmie, @itymartin, @optimistickome, @joykal01, @chrisamry, @udyliciouz, @zealyakub, @ebereh, @eliany, @beautybb, @kingworldline, @essygold, @sir-charles-jude, @mobibliss, @armstrongdiho, @altagracia, @jerryofkingz, @gabikay, @chiomzy810, @arinzegod12 @dequeen
@fingabods @kesybliss @cheerille
@benson6 and @benton3 @eliany @youngblizz @ubongudofot @lazbless @gracyakan ,@vickydear, @eliany, @gracyakan, @cheerille, @youngblizz, @kesybliss, @fingabods, @esthyfashion, @goodybest, @emmybless, @charis20, @benson6, @chocolatebrown, @fonzi, @signatory, @beautybb, @ruthjoe, @raysdesign, @temitopef, @alexanderpeace @remix001 and @eddyvic @debbysuccess, @eddyvic, @vickydear, @ramcy, @ruthjeo, @beautybb, @charis20, @beneson6, @esthyfashion, @temitopef, @remix001, @raysdesign, @iddy, @ahbaz, @collinz @gentles @jairo1 @hajiataiba @ami-p @prigyblue @joelmaxwell @precious2020 @chidinmajohn @kweenpreshy @caro3 @chiderafavour @tmighty @scharles @hairmarts @rocknrule111 @emy2018 @zami2 @emmyyo48 @boss123 @ekeminimbang @allwell @kingdom1111 @martins10

Thanks you all for going through

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This is nice, I will participate

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This is very nice

Can i join?

Yea you can
But you have to join the community

How do i do this?
I have subscribed already.

So lovely

This is a great one here. I will sure participate.

I have accepted club5050 wholeheartedly

Nice Contest
Steem Power 💪