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Come back with me on this occasion today I will share about photos of red beetles and you can see some of the photos below.

In the past, red beetles can still be found in the yard filled with greenery. But unfortunately now it is rarely found if not in plantation areas or areas that are still green.

Red beetles like green areas because that's where red beetles can find snacks. Red beetles feed on plant seeds or seeds and are often referred to as cotton plant pests. This green plantation area is a favorite of red beetles. Because they can easily move from one plant to another.



Behind the beautiful shape and color, it turns out that the red beetle is a plant-disturbing insect. Usually red beetles attack Cotton, Rosella, and Okra plants. However, usually red beetles like the most and make kapok or cotton plants as a place to stop.

So if in plantation areas, the presence of red beetles is very disturbing. Because it eats plant seeds, flowers and seeds or cotton pods that fail to develop.


That's a little story about the red beetle that I know right now, I hope you like it and happy activities for all.

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