WOX-HELPFUND donates 600 STEEM to @alma-arar with the diagnosis of cervical cancer

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@torontoflia is the one who has asked for support for his wife for the purchase of medicines and treatment for the diagnosis of cervical cancer
It was our friend @dobartim who made us aware that they were seeking help


Here is some of the statement from @torontoflia

Hello friends of steemit, today I have decided to inform you of something that is happening in my family and I would like it to be a dream but it is a very sad, worrying and unexpected reality that we have been facing since April of this year (2021). When in a routine control examination my wife (@ alma-arar) was found in her cytology that she presented a result that was not normal, the gynecologist recommended that we attend the oncologist to do a more in-depth study to rule out. An effort was made to raise the money ($) necessary to pay the fees of the Dr and the biopsy that had to be performed according to the indications of the gynecologist and the specialist when we learned via whatsapp the reason why we were requesting an appointment. In his study, he determined that an abdominal and pelvic tomography with contrast had to be performed in order to have greater precision of the lesion in the cervix that he visualized in the Ecosonogram and palpated in his gynecological examination, which he did not put on alert due to the explanation. that the specialist gave us at that time.
The procedures were carried out to obtain the contrast and to be able to perform the abdomen and pelvis tag in a medical institution in Ciudad Bolívar, which is where we currently live, whose procedures were positive and we achieved the contrast donation.

Contrast donated

After obtaining that positive result of the contrast to be used (which decreased the cost of the Tag from 180 to $ 120), we began to carry out self-management to perform the tomography, since as teachers we do not earn the salary to cover those expenses and we do not have a private insurance that covers them, so we carried out some raffles and with the support of some family and friends we were able to carry out this study which determined what type of injury with more specifications.

Result of the Tag of abdomen and pelvis of (@ alma-arar)
fter having the tag result and the biopsy result (positive for cervical cancer), the Dr. referred us to the chemotherapy oncologist who should review and evaluate the results to determine what type of treatment the cancer lesion warranted. has my wife on the cervix. We attended the chemotherapy specialist oncologist with all the results of the examinations that had been performed with the previous doctors so that he could perform the analysis of everything that had happened since the moment the cytology result was received, after reviewing and analyze all the documentation that was given to the Oncologist he explained to us the extent of the injury and the treatment that was needed which he explains in his report

Here we come with great hope, now begins a long way to go in search of the healing of my wife


The board of Wox-Helpfund has decided to help @alma-arar, we donate 600 Steem to buy medicines / treatment for diagnosis of cervical cancer
Steem has now been transferred to @torontoflia


We wish @alma-arar a good recovery
Regards the board of @wox-helpfund
@the-gorilla @the100 @adeljose @sultan-aceh @xpilar

Earlier support has been given to Victor Acosta and Judith de Acosta medwith 600 Steem with diagnosen COVID-19

Earlier support has been given to Carla García with 1000 Steem with the diagnosis-covid-19**

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I think a lot of people came to this platform, hoping to make easy money quickly. It's a miracle that there are people here who are willing to share with those who need it. Thank you for helping those in need.

Thank You @o1eh

Glad to hear that there is a program that helps other people, let alone helping people who really need it as you described above, I really appreciate your hard work, I hope this program continues to run smoothly and I hope many people buy upvotes at @bidvote to develop the @wox-helpfunds program.

Thank you for sharing this very useful information

Thank you @idayrus

You'r welcome:-)

Hope this all helps him this great program is very useful for many people,we hope he will get well soon.

Thank you @jasonmunapasee

You're welcome.

DIOS los bendiga .

Thank you @tella1970

Greetings my friend @xpilar

I am glad to be part of this team that seeks to provide support to the needy, it is a great blessing for the beneficiaries.

Nice to hear that @adeljose , I hope many can understand what @bidvote and @wox-helpfund can contribute.

Una pregunta @ adeljose este bot si yo delego sp ah este bot yo gano diario sp por delegar la cantidad de sp q voy ha delegar es asi o me equivoco.

Muchísimas gracias a todos Miembros de la junta de " @ wox-helpfunds ". Por el donativo realizado para ayuda a recaudar los recursos necesarios para ser invertidos en el tratamiento que necesita mi Esposa Liset Medina (@alma-arar). Ella está muy agradecida

Thank you @torontoflia

It's nice that we could help you

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Thank you @pennsif

Un gran apoyo de parte de nuestra comunidad, orgullosa de pertenecer a este equipo. Saludos!!

This is a good and useful initiative.
I decided to double my delegation for @bidvote and am ready to make @wox-helpfund the beneficiary of my posts.
Thank you @xpilar for this wonderful initiative and the opportunity to help those in need.