WOX-HELPFUND donates 1000 STEEM to @elkezaksek to help with "build a house for Bosco's family"

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The board of WOX-HELPFUND has decided to donates 1000 STEEM to @elkezaksek to help with "build a house for Bosco's family"

You can read more,
News about our fundraiser for Uganda! - Neuigkeiten unserer Spendenaktion für Uganda! (138)

Transfer of the donation from WOX-HELPFUND


Regards, the board of @wox-helpfund
@the-gorilla @the100 @adeljose @sultan-aceh @xpilar

In the past, we have supported

WOX-HELPFUND donates 600 STEEM to @yamidegomez to help her mother-in-law "Mrs. Barbar", to cover some of the expenses. She suffers from a malignant tumor in the cervix "

WOX-HELPFUND donates 600 STEEM to @moonlight-shadow to help her mother to cover some of the expenses. "SURPASSING 3 MAJOR SURGERIES || A MOTHER'S FIGHT FOR OVARIAN CYST"

WOX-HELPFUND donates 600 STEEM to @bettervision to help them with the great project they have "Free healthcare for all, your vision is our priority."

WOX-HELPFUND donates 600 STEEM to @endrinaquevedo to help her cover part of the expenses that are for her mother's illness

@alma-arar, we donate 600 Steem to buy medicines / treatment for diagnosis of cervical cancer**

Victor Acosta and Judith de Acosta medwith 600 Steem with diagnosen COVID-19

Carla García** with 1000 Steem with the diagnosis-covid-19*

250 STEEM to @blayforson AFTER A SERIOUS ACCIDENT to cover some of his expenses

Thanks to all our Sponsors who give% of their post / rewards to @wox-helpfund and to all of you as delegation to @bidvote.

Thanks to all of you who buy an upvote from @bidvote. Without you, this would not be possible to make donations to good causes

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What is @wox-helpfund, it is meant to be able to help needy people in the world for example orphanages other humanitarian purposes.

You can now become part of this project by delegating or buying votes "@bidvote",

You can also support @wox-helpfund if you set @wox-helpfund as recipient when you post


@endingplagiarism supports @wox-helpfund

10% will go to @wox-helpfund to support @xpilar's charity work, read the full post here

How often it can be applied for funds from the fund depends on the size of the fund. All applications must go through an approval first. "@wox-helpfunds" board members.

Board members are
@the-gorilla @sultan-aceh @adeljose @the100 @xpilar

You can now become part of this project by delegating or buying votes
Feel free to make suggestions for our innovation in Steem Blockchain

cc: @pennsif

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Wonderful donation, @xpilar and I'm sure @elkezaksek will use it very well for this project in Uganda.

Thank you @zorank

Thank you @xpilar and the Wox-Helpfund Project, that hopefully will be great Help for the people there.

Dear @steemcurator01, would you please support such action of good will and Charity Donation of 1000Steem that is organized by @xpilar, or the project running by @elkezaksek


Thank you @stef1

Wow! This is an amazing act of kindness. God bless y'all

Thank you @samminator

Congratulations @xpilar

I have selected this as the most positive post amongst top 100 hot posts on steemit at this moment.

Thank you @pankajwahane

humanitarian project, what an extraordinary program, helping people who need help, and people who are less fortunate', thanks to the sponsors, donors and initiators of this project, @wox-helpfund
@the-gorilla @the100 @adeljose @sultan-aceh @xpilar.

Thank you @village-ucup

Wow! What can I say, the family be will be so happy. @WORLD OF XPILLAR is really doing great. Thank y'all for all you do

Thank you @bob-dray

What can I say...?
I am speechless and touched...

My thank you post...:


Hi @elkezaksek

It's nice for us to be able to help you with that project

Keep up the good work!👍
Together we build, together we grow.

Thank you @aimarandi

This is a very good idea, in which we can help together, a small help gives a lot of benefit. Thanks for sharing @xpilar

Thank you @ahlawat

God will bless you all for such a kind gesture. Steemit is truly a blessing and family to people out there. I'm glad to be a steemian.

Thank you @tempestinyang

great charity work, it's great to see people care for each other.

Thank you @ewiendos

Wow, it melts my heart to see how people look after each other here on steemit. On behalf of @elkezaksek and Bosco's family, I say a very big thank you

Thank you @corporateay

You post is nominated for „Wold of xpilar“ Community Support Program, @booming account upvote. Only the posts that are not cross posted, original and posted from community page are eligible. If your post gets approval, then you get upvote within few days. Good luck!

Thank you @stef1

Thank you!

we must continue working hard to help those most in need

This post has been featured in the latest edition of Steem News...

I have included this post in the 25th issue of Steem News Magazine For Steemit Platform | November 29, 2021.

Can you help anyone in need? @xpilar