We must curb plagiarism, spammers, farmers and scammers

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We will never get rid of that problem as long as they can fish money out of the pool.

Yes, they not only steal other people's work, but they also steal from our rewards pool with STEEM and SBD from our Steem Blockhcain when they get upvote

They are cunning and very skilled at cheating us. They repeatedly trick us. Some operate with multiple accounts and some work in groups and several of them use bidbots. When they use bidsbot, they quickly get a good reputation and we are then misled by seeing a good reputation.

Image searc

I have tracked several accounts with transfer to Bittrex Wallet. Some of them use Bittrex to send steem back to accounts in steem so that we do not directly see that they have a connection with each other.
They also make sure that they have a certain amount of SP because then we think that everything is fine when we check them up.

In my local community, together with my moderators, we have a separate channel "abuse-reports" where we discuss what to do with plagiarism, spammers, farmers and scammers when we find it.
Many hours a week are spent checking photos and content and tracking accounts that are connected to each other.

Today we have many local communities on Steemit that are growing with the number of users and with the number of new users also increases the problem we have with plagiarism, spammers, farmers and scammers.

I'm sure the moderates in all the local communities and Steemit are working hard to keep the problem down.

We all need to talk together "THE STEEMIT TEAM and @steemcurator01" and the whole community to find solutions so we can limit the problem.

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I have been flagging spammers for the past couple of weeks when i see them, scammy spamming accounts have increased 10 fold in the past month on steemit.

I have limited downvoting power and wish i had more to flag.

What would be good is a place where we can report them, then have a daily report showing these dodgy accounts which we can start to flag.

It will take time, but major influencers need to step up and start downvoting the spammers as well. Those with the biggest stake have the biggest influence. Let whales know!

What would be good is a place where we can report them, then have a daily report showing these dodgy accounts which we can start to flag.

agree with you @kiwi-crypto

Thank you for this post highlighting this issue.

The Engineering Team are looking at ways to curb this current plague of spam accounts.

Hopefully there will be an acceptable solution very soon.

The Steemit Team

Thank you, it's great to hear that it's being worked on

We do not see all the importance of this topic because many of us busy with their own blogging and on and off we see one or another abuser, but that is in reality only the iceberg that we see above the water.

If we start to dig and check, I would not be surprise how many such cases will appear.

I completely agree with you there should be some mechanism incorporated into Steem, that would keep an eye and possible when user could report such cases and they could be investigated but also those ones could be then taught a lesson. I am pretty sure that if there is a minor problem adn user has changed his attitude then he should not have any trouble anymore.

But what we have now it is like a country without police, where the people are doing what they want, we need soem rules and people should follow only then it will function.

By the way @xpilar you are guest today in @adeljose's Monday Talk channel :)

But what we have now it is like a country without police, where the people are doing what they want, we need soem rules and people should follow only then it will function.

Totally agree with you @stef1

Yes I am a guest on @adeljose's Monday Talk channel :)
Will be visiting the channel soon

Hello dear friend @xpilar I agree with you we must stop these abuses, there are already several times that plagiarism has been detected in the community, it is time to stop this situation. Having a little help would be great.

Hi @franyeligonzalez

It's good to know about the feedback from @steemcurator01 today

The Engineering Team are looking at ways to curb this current plague of spam accounts.

It would be really great to get rid of all those. I, too, have noticed how many more spammers we've been getting over the past 3-4 weeks... all of those "nonsense" posts with endless links to pay-per-view sporting events. It makes Steem look really BAD to someone who's just passing by and checking out our community for the first time.

Yes, there are increasing numbers now and clearly we need to find solutions

It happened to me. The first time i was understending what was about this community i was a little bit confuse but then i was founding this good guide to know about steemit.

Excellent friend @xpilar.

I'm glad you touched on this subject, and raise it to the higher authorities to see if we can limit these actions.

Yes, and solutions must come

Hello @xpilar, this is a really important topic.
In the Project Hope community we are also making a big effort to stop them.
Weekly we silence many posts that are clear cases of plagiarism.
But, many times they are very clever, make some modifications, paraphrase what they copy to try to confuse. It's a complex job, because it involves spending time reading, comparing different texts. It really is a job. But as @stef1 says, we must all be guardians. I find it difficult for any of us to just verify that all the publications in all the communities are original. But if every moderator and even every honest user does their part, this bad habit of some who take advantage of plagiarism could be diminished by a lot.

Some way to engage the efforts of those who find these plagiarizing users could be an excellent tool. I agree.

Hi @josevas217

Yes, we just have to keep working towards it.
But we should have better tools so that we can all report abuse and that the list becomes available to everyone

thanks for your efforts ! 💙

Yes @bluengel , we must all work together to solve it

Keep up the good work here's a small tip 👍🏾 @tipu curate if I can help in any way let me know you can contact me on Instagram @kgakakillerg

Yeah, we've gotta do our best to make sure we support the original creators of artworks and publications.

Yes, we must do our best for it

Being aware of the problem and trying to control it is already a way to solve it. Eliminating it completely looks very difficult because the platform is growing and among respectable users, some that are not will grow.
Thank you for keeping us informed on such an important subject

Thank you @mllg


I agree with you @xpilar, it's very uncomfortable for me, I'm also not happy to see plagiarism and steal other people's work.

Could rewards be earned for downvoting spam? That would be a good feature if it worked correctly.

Your thought is good, but it would probably be abused

I'm just surprised to start seeing more than a case of plagiarism in a very short time, thanks to the posts presented by Stef. Let's pay attention to any suspicious activity to report it and get less issues like these ones in the blockchain. Regards.

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Actually its to clarify from my country side that you would have heard that here cryptocurrency is ban in Pakistan but we Pakistani people want legalize crypto as well But due to bad politician's politics and govt tax which they get from banking isn't legalizing however our popular media person Waqar Zaka has placed a case in supreme court and we are wishing to get legalize.

So the problem is that we have limmited exchangers so mostly people contact those However i am just here to clarify that in the future if any scammer exchanges with the same person i do i personally assure you i wont be having any contact with them.

however i am always against plagiarism as it stops the thinking of human itself.

Thanks for the information @hassanabid

When we see these irregularities in the steemit community, these subjects give it a negative view, these toxic people must be marked so that they refrain from continuing to harm steemit, we must protect our community,

Totally agree with you @betzaelcorvo

Plagiarism, spammers, farmers and scammers are common enemies that must be eliminated on this platform. They are very creative and sneaky in stealing other people's accounts.

This post is a warning to all. I think there must be a system that can detect the three evil practices quickly, precisely, and measurably by providing severe punishment.

Hi @ayijufridar

Yes, we must have a system that captures it

Yup, the true Steemian awaits the system. Plagiarism, spammers, farmers, and scammers have no place here.

It’s very helpful and instructive. Thnx for sharing.

What do you recommend to us the newones for helping to? As a community i think we all need to take part of these problem, bcse it afect us all.

It is often images and art that are misused and some of those who do this also use bidbots.

Yes, farmers are the worst! They kill innocent animals!

Oh, you're talking about another kind of farmer. My bad. :D

Yes, not ordinary farmers :)

Hola como esta @xpilar estoy de acuerdo con esto de detener el plagio y estafadores porque son personas maliciosas que quieren hacer daño y beneficiarse con el trabajo de otras personas, hay que detenerlos ya nosotros pasamos por eso y nos molesto mucho a parte de que publicaba nuestro trabajo en otra plataforma beneficiándose. Debemos ser vigilante de estas irregularidades y ser muy observadores. Muy importante el tema que desarrollo en este post.

Hi @fundacorazon

Yes, we must have a system that captures it

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