The project "Become a dolphin in the World of Xpilar Community" Dolphin rapport🐬 23 June 2022

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It has been 1 months since we informed about those who became dolphins in our project. Let's see how far they have come those who are still involved in the project of building their own SP to become a dolphin

Become a dolphin in the World of Xpilar Community

@to-tru has been away from steemit for a while, hopes he gets active soon and posts again


Starts with its own earned steem power 1019

Today's steem power




Starts with its own earned steem power 788

Today's steem power




Starts with its own earned steem power 1433

Today's steem power




Starts with its own earned steem power 688

Today's steem power


They get 60% upvote from our "World of Xpilar Curation Trail"
once a day, that is, per 24 hours, I encourage everyone else to vote for
@to-tru @alexey1976 @master-dhian and @ezuntimmy so that they reach the dolphin rank 🐬as soon as possible.

We have many times in our community " World of Xpilar" posted posts about how important it is to build your own Steem Power

We must also build our Steem Power to be able to give votes to others, that is what our healthy economy is based on here in Steem Blockchain

An important thing to do is build friendships and trust over time, read other people's blogs, comment and vote.

@steemitblog and @steemcurator01 have also focused on how important it is to build your own Steem Power so that you can support other users who provide quality posts in their blog

The project we have started is possibly an idea for other local communities in Steemit by focusing on their members building up their own SP for those who want to set their blogs to 100% start-up

To be a real dolphin 🐬, your Steem Power must be at 5000 SP (delegated from others does not count)


In the World of Xpilar community we have many members with different rank and we want to create a separate club for those who have reached the status of dolphin and help others to reach that rank 🐬


WORLD OF XPILAR LOGO BILDE 2 beskjært 855x416 bruk 2.png



Voting for me: type in xpilar.witness and click VOTE


visit our discord channel


Can we make a difference? A new project has been born # @wox-helpfund

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Thank you for this opportunity @xpilar I never thought it would be possible until this. I'm finally fulfilling my dreams of becoming a dolphin gradually. You made this possible thanks you so much.

Thank you @ezuntimmy , you will reach your goals

Great project, @xpilar! Thanks.

Thank you @hive-180821

Hi dear..
Please vote for me

I thank you for your support @xpilar and try my best to achieve the status of a Dolphin! I already feel that this moment is coming soon!!!

Ты большой молодец, Алексей. Я смотрю, у тебя самые отличные успехи в этом деле:)
Думаю, что ты скоро станешь дельфином, осталось совсем немного)

У меня с того момента появился настоящий спортивный азарт))

Да, это подстёгивает и затягивает, успеха:)

You'll be there soon @alexey1976 🐬


You post is nominated for „Wold of xpilar“ Community Support Program, @booming account upvote. Only the posts that are not cross posted, original and posted from community page are eligible. If your post gets approval, then you get upvote within few days. Good luck!

Thank you @stef1

Hello friend @xpilar it is certainly a great advance to be able to create our own SP and this project is certainly very good, like everything you do for steemit.