Upcoming changes to the Liquidity Mining APY at WOX-EXCHANGE

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Hello STEEMIT community in general, this is an announcement regarding some changes in the APY in Liquidity Mining in our project, investors who have entered during these first months are enjoying a very striking APY, with which we want to thank all those who have believed in us since these first steps.

Upcoming changes to the Liquidity Mining APY at WOX-EXCHANGE.png

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But at end of this month of March 2022 that APY level will be changed to a lower one, so all those who have entered until now will have that great benefit.



As you can see in the image above, we have maintained since the beginning of the project the following APY for those who have entered so far:

  • 1000% for those who add liquidity for one month.
  • 5000% for those who add liquidity for 3 months.
  • 20,000% for those who add liquidity for 6 months.
  • 35000% for those who add liquidity for 9 months.
  • 65000% for those who add liquidity for 12 months.

But again, these APY levels will still be in effect for new investors until the end of this month.

We will be announcing the changes soon.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We invite you to join our discord channel:

Official WOX FI discord channel


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Hi @wox-exchange

I myself welcome those changes with open arms. Truth be told, I initialy had plan to provide 20-30k TRX into liquidity pool. But when I've learned about how high APY being offered - I've reduced this investment to 10k TRX only.

I already know few people, who wanted to get involved but also changed their mind. This made my "mission" of helping to promote WOX-exchange way more difficult.

Hopefully upcoming changes will be quite drastic and APY will not be counted in thousands any more. Based on my experience - it would be much easier to encourage people to invest long term while APY would be around 50%-100% (yearly).

Overall I consider it to be a good move. Good direction.

Upvoted and resteemed,
Yours, Piotr

Hi @wox-exchange and @crypto.piotr
A gradual tapering of returns is quite welcome because as I see a high yield is not always able to maintain a stable price.
A lot of times people keep dumping the earned tokens this never lets the token discover a stable price levels.
Instead a decent APY and a out of the box real world use case for the token go a long way to sustain the project.
So this may not be a bad thing if it plays out in a way that the token price stabilizes and does not go down too much after the freeze on selling on the 20th is removed.
Besides at any point the ROI would be a factor that one must look at.
I have a different situation. I had provided liquidity prior to the woxdefi.app launch . Thus I had only one option and that was to use sunswap.com to add liquidity.
Now when I see the option


I am left feeling lost and very confused.
For one I do not see the status of my liquidity under the woxdefi.app secondly How do I choose the period of investment and thus returns in my case.
Whom should I contact ? Is there a line of support for us who provided liquidity before the woxdefi.app was launched? Perhaps @xpilar could show me a way out of this situation.

I think you need to contact @xpilar or @the-100 on their discord

To be honest, I was little sad that the APYs are coming down. Hopefully, new APYs will be attractive enough for many people.
On the other hand, more developments are under way.

  • WOX buyback
  • Minting

Great for the project in the long run 🚀

Thank you @tomoyan for your feedback

Yes, a lot is going on now and we are building the foundation step by step

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Reducing liquidity might hurt but it works well for token growth. Good job and waiting for it!

Thank you @joelagbo for your feedback

For those who want to be an early supporter with the WOX token, they should take care now with the offer that is out the month of March

Greetings to all fellow @wox-exchange team members.

Many users may disagree, but from my perspective this is a wise strategy to continue strengthening the project in the long term, as this will allow to decrease the selling pressure, and it is also a move that can probably attract investors who will bet on the long term.

Have you thought about any token burning methods?

Best regards, be well.

Thank you @lupafilotaxia for your feedback

Have you thought about any token burning methods?

Yes, token burning will be done and it will be announced when and how we will do it

Greetings to the @wox-exchange team.

Undoubtedly the upcoming changes are good to attract investors who have a vision with the project in the long term.

For those who have not yet entered the project, you have the possibility to do so until the APYs are adjusted, this will undoubtedly benefit everyone much more.

It is also expected that they can energize the project a little more, with other elements that will serve much more to attract investors.

Thank you @dgalan for your feedback

Yes, it will make sense in the long run and get long term investors

It is ok. I hope wox continues to grow. I always support this program.

Thanks, that's nice to hear @penyaircyber

Change is the only constant thing in life, this might hurt but it is a wise decision @xpilar

Thank you @tfame3865 for your feedback

Yes, things change all the time in life and so will the development of WOXFI, we are building the foundation now and everyone can join the journey further

Wox exchange always growing, best wishes to all your projects you are doing great job.

Thank you @alejos7ven

Thanks for the usual update, hopeful this new development will help wox token grow more as investor's desire and it will definitely promote WOX Community...

Kudo to you all the team behind this project..

Regards, 😊


Thank you @davidad for your feedback

WOXFI will be important for many users and it is wise to invest early in our project

You are welcome!

Regards 😊

Absolutely good direction @wox-exchange

It should bring more trust towards future token-economics behind WOX

Thank you @creativeblue for your feedback

Changes are always necessary. In this case those of us who came in first to support the project have had a payback for it in the form of great APY.
This change will allow others who prefer lower APYs because it gives them more security to enter. This is what we are looking for, that more people want to join the project and stay in the long term.
Excellent change to come.

Thank you @josevas217 for your feedback

A lot of good will come with woxfi and I see that many will join now

hallo @wox-exchange

I and several members of the @aceh-team, have purchased and maintained the APY project, particularly in aceh and indonesia.

even though it looks very small, what I have done, like:

It's very nice, if you still apply the APY level, for new investors until the end of this month. 😀👍

Staked534.933374447 sWOX
43.441413607monthly income 1000%477.855549680
129.852452577monthly income 1000%1428.376978344
83.907328203monthly income 1000%922.980610231

hope, some follow from other users to buy in future.

for other users steemit, community and member aceh-team , who want to do it, I will be ready to help you especially in aceh or via discord or while drinking at a coffee shop. I'm ready to help you 😀

hilsen @sultan-aceh

Thank you @sultan-aceh for your feedback

for other users steemit, community and member aceh-team , who want to do it, I will be ready to help you especially in aceh or via discord or while drinking at a coffee shop. I'm ready to help you 😀

nice to hear, thanks

Every business needs to be adjusted as it goes along, this is healthy for future performance, I am sure the wox-exchange team is working to consolidate this project. Profits are still very good to attract more investors,

Thank you @adeljose for your feedback

Profits are still very good to attract more investors

Yes, that's right and if you have friends who want to invest, it's smart to join now

This is such a great change. Glad to see that WOX-exchange is moving in that direction.

It surely will be easier to encourage people to participate, since concern of insane inflation (caused by insane APY) would not be an issue any more.

Post resteemed and upvoted.

Thank you @project.hope for your feedback

Greetings @wox-exchange ❤️💕

As they say life itself is all about changes and good development in projects also requires changes. I must say Wox Exchange is really one of the top best project I'm very proud of and I'm also quite happy to be part of the early birds of this great project.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead 💕❤️💕

hello @wox-exchange,
it is understandable that APY will reduce over time, it is a measure that largely ensures the stability of the project. with less APY, investors focus on long term returns and that reduces selling pressure. it also makes potential investors see a bit more of the project instead of just focusing on APY.

Upvoted and resteemed.

I believe that this is a good opportunity for new investors to join this wonderful project, these new changes are welcome.

Undoubtedly these are improvements or measures that needed to be taken, since the astronomical percentages that were presented were not attractive to many investors who were betting on a solid long-term project.

I applaud the initiative you have taken which will attract more investors who bet on the seriousness of this great project. Best regards

Hello, very good information, that this APY decreases a little, it means that the project can be very durable in time, we must be attentive to what can be achieved in the medium term, so we will be attentive in the coming days to the changes within the platform, thank you very much for sharing this information with us.

Hello friends, it seems like a good decision to me, such high APYs are not usually good to sustain the price of the token, many may not like this decision but I consider it to be a positive move to maintain the project in the long term.

Some users might disagree, but I strongly believe it's the best decision for the long-term growth of the project. Reducing APY will give investors much more trust to get invovled into WOX-EXCHANGE

Thanks for the update

Reducing APY is definitely healthy for the long term.
Nice job buddy

The change is welcome as long as it's not done in retrospect, harming early birds investors (and i understand it doesn't).
I have supported the project and will invest more now.
I have also circulated the project among my peers and will address them again with this coming change.
Keep being transparent, keep following your passion. These merits will bring prolifiration.

Greetings friends, I personally consider that these future changes in the APY will be positive for the project since it will be possible to invest in the long term, and in my opinion, giving solidity and confidence to the project. Greetings and thanks for the information provided.

  ·  6 months ago (edited)

Greetings @wox-exchange,

Based on my experience - it would be much easier to encourage people to invest long term while APY would be around 50%-100% (yearly).

I would definitely agree with these words by @crypto.piotr,

Higher API will certainly attract more people but it's not good, Higher API attracts investors who are looking for short period gain/profit, They are not going to hold their investment for much long time, and its certainly not good for our project,

Hoping best as always for our project : )

CC: @lupafilotaxia, @crypto.piotr

Thank you so much for the update : )


This is truely greatly appreciated! I think this is a step in the right direction :)

Changes are always welcome in as much they will improve growth of the platform early investors did benefits from the high APY maintaining a lower APY will help sustain the platform and as well encourage long term holding.

I am going to take advantage of this opportunity, I understand that WOX like everything in life is an investment and brings risk but with that APY if it is successful I can earn good money and with the team behind wox I know that everything will turn out well

i believe this method is purely the best

Thanks for sharing the update about the change. I read the post and understand it