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Hey guys, I am sure we all excited and cannot wait for the Sunday finally. For just the second time in formula one history the top two drivers are level on point heading to the final race of the season.

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          ***THE TITLE FIGHT***

It is very simple and unquestionable that whoever finish ahead of the other in Abu Dhabi will claim the 2021 drivers championship.
Current driver's standing (top driver)

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Max verstappen has been both quick and clever in recent race. He should have been on pole in Saudi Arabia, if not for a crash on the last corner in qualifying, haven't been three tenths up during the final sector.

Verstappen won the last year's Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, taking pole by .025second from Valtteri Bottas and leading every lap, showing that the current Red Bull isn't ill-suited to the track.

Lawis Hamilton will be feeling confident as his Mercedes has looked like the fastest car on the grid for several races, ever since they took repeated engine penalties to ensure they had extra power units in the pool.

Hamilton has won at Abu Dhabi more than other drivers, with five triumph, through the last time the title race went down to the wire in the wire in the Middle East in 2016, he couldn't seal the crown over teammate Nico Rosberg. Can Max do the same on Sunday only time will tell.

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          *** THE TRACK ***

They is no need to worry about the race been procession has we have seen in recent years, because the track has been altered to help overtaking. The sequence of 90-degree bend after the second back straight has been turned into a single banked turn, which the cars are expected to take at 240km/h, while the chicane heading into the first back straight has been removed. Also with the opening up of several corners in the street circuit-like final sector, it's hoped the track will be both faster and more exciting.

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Max Vesterppen has the natural advantage of leading in the standings. If they both crash since Max is leading in the standing he win the championship. If both driver tie on point, Vesterppen will be crowned world champion, because he won one more race (nine to eight), they cannot tie on point with Hamilton also winning the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.


Mercedes already had a handy lead in its bid to win an eight consecutive constructions crown and when Sergio Perez crashed out in Saudi Arabia just made it easy for Mercedes going into the last race. On point Mercedes is ahead with 587.5 point, and the nearest rival Red Bull is 559.5 point. Realistically red bull need a 1-2 finish in Abu Dhabi while one of Hamilton or Bottas will have to crush out of the race to win the contructions title.

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Lastly, Hamilton is chasing a record eight world title that would surely see him stand alone as the greatest driver in formula one history. If Hamilton beat the Dutch to the title, he will be the only driver with most win titles, more race wins and most pole position. We just have to wait till Sunday to find out.
Thank for taking your time to read my post.
Special thanks @the-gorilla.

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Great content g

Thanks bro

Amazing contest ☺️☺️☺️☺️

Thank you sir

Good work

Max verstappen has been both quick and clever in recent race. He should have been on pole in Saudi Arabia, if not for a crash on the last corner

That doesn't sound too clever 🤣

If they both crash since Max is leading in the standing he win the championship

If this happens, they'll definitely deduct points from Verstappen (if it's his fault) - I'm sure there's an FIA bias towards Hamilton.

I can't wait. This has to be the most anticipated race for many, many years.

Come on Lewis!!! 😃

I'm sure it going to be a clean race.
May the best man win but I'm supporting Max tomorrow.

Or if Perez takes out Hamilton or Bottas takes out Verstappen? I wonder what they'd do then!

I'm sure it going to be a clean race.

Max is a maniac, there's no way he'd let Hamilton past easily or not fully commit to an overtake. Every race, he looks like an accident waiting to happen. I can't remember the last time these 2 raced and there wasn't some kind of controversy. I'll be very disappointed if it's clean 🤣

Let's wait till tomorrow to find out

Can you please resteem my post I will really appreciate that.

Done - but please don't ask me to do it again.


Hey, the best man won.

I can't believe what happened.


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