Donation Request of $1000 to Flood and Landslides Victims of Nepal

in hive-185836 •  8 months ago 

in this post I want to request our board members to vote to donate $1000 USD worth of steem to Flood victims of Nepal .

I will take full responsibility to make sure the funds goes to the right place .

Why and Whoom to Donate .

In recent days Western Nepal faced a massive Winter monsoon rainfall which made devastating Damages to the Community .

Grain fields were flooded and homes were flooded leaving people nothing to wear or eat . The government is doing its job but extra help always matters to this case .

the links above is only example of damages

the video shows how a major highway god damaged by Karnali River .

the above video shows how an entire village went under water .

More footage of flood

Thank you

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Hi @the100

also feel the flood disaster there. hopefully there are no casualties, will discuss this, with members of the World Of Xpilar - Local Aceh-team. hopefully they get the channel of funds that will be needed.

greetings @sultan-aceh

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I'm @skil-photography, I feel for the disaster that happened, hopefully the disaster will end soon, hopefully @skil-photography from the world of the xpilar community and local members of the @aceh-team can help, Check your wallet, there's a little I can give, I hope you can help.. 🙏

hi @the100
I hope the funds needed will be collected soon, and for the entire family of the victim to be given courage. there is a little help from us from representatives of the aceh community and as members of the @aceh-team, check your wallet, there is a small donation, it's not much, hopefully it can lighten the burden of our brother.

Hallo @the100

yours cek wallet ok
me, Donation From WOX Aceh-Team - Request of $1000 to Flood and Landslides Victims of Nepal

hope it helps there, regards @master-dhian

Hi @the 100, I'm apprehensive about what's happening in Nepal, I hope things will get better soon. There is a little Steem donation from me, hopefully it will be useful!.

Hi @the100
I'm @ahmadnasution. I am also concerned about this flood disaster. Hopefully this disaster will end soon. Hopefully @ahmadnasutiion and local xpilar community members @aceh-team can help. Check your wallet. there is a donation, hope it helps.🙏🏻

greetings @ahmadnasutiion

hi @the100 we are also saddened by what happened there, hope it passes quickly