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Greetings steemean friends

Dear friends and all community moderators. Button Flower or in scientific terms it is called GOMPHRENA is an ornamental flower plant that is very appropriate to beautify the atmosphere of the home page in order to maintain the beauty of the environment.

The flowers are small and round, usually growing densely on each stalk. This flower plant can produce many branches with beautiful flowers growing on each stem.

Generally Button Flower is a very beautiful purple color. But there are also red ones.

Well...I'm going to show you some photos of Button Flower that I managed to snap at my neighbor's house yesterday afternoon:







Dear friends and all moderators, that is my presentation on this occasion which of course good suggestions and inputs are very wide open for friends who want to add and comment on it. Sorry if there are mistakes and irregularities in me presenting this post, greetings.

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Locationnorth aceh

I would like to extend my gratitude to all friends who take shelter in this beloved community, as well as to all moderator brothers and sisters. Especially to @aceh-team.



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