Surprise Promo Steem Gebyar Gempita 2022 | Event 1 Done

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Surprise Promo Steem Gebyar Gempita 2022

Event 1 Done

Good evening to all steem users, hopefully you are all still in good health at home and in your country, with your family at home.

as I have told you, that today is a very special day, which we are holding with the WORLDOFXPILAR-LOKAL ACEH-TEAM Community, with the event "Surprise Promo Steem Gebyar Gempita 2022"

This event, of course, was carried out thanks to the support of voices and in the real world, which we got together, after 1 year before the construction of a prayer room and children's education center in this aceh village, by providing opportunities for the community, so they can gather and eat together with Steem users. Blockchain.

We always get laughter and jokes, when we visit this area, we share them with the public, fathers, mothers and children. with the Steem Blockchain Community, of course, it will be a happy conversation among the community, because the Steem Blockchain Steem, Comes with the WOX Community at STEEMIT.COM. can be with them and help them in the real world.

especially now, in the aceh area we are carrying out Ramadan Fasting Worship, this opportunity, we do it to be able to gather with the community, because, almost the average community here, does not work harder, due to worship, does not eat and drink for 1 day, starting before morning and late evening.

The condition of the prayer room and the place of children's education now

below, you must still remember, I a few weeks ago, "submitted some purchases of goods" info here"", for the people here, so, you can tell the difference, "with the old conditions in this place - Info Here".

but on the day of the WORLDOFXPILAR Community Surprise, with the approval of @xpilar, I and the local Aceh-Team members, did this event, voluntarily and got the support of the people around this area. with smiles and laughter, we can still be together today.

below are two pictures of the current condition of the prayer room and children's education place.



Try all of you, take some time, see and imagine the two pictures above for only 1 minute, the people here, have a proper place for residents, residents will always come to this place, to learn, with the situation and conditions of a comfortable place, surely all activities done in this place, going hand in hand with other places in the city or suburbs. residents here also have to get a decent place to gain knowledge and a decent place, now the people here already have it. thanks for everyone's support. in

Entering the event and preparation

By entering the preparation for eating together in the month of Ramadan accompanied by father, mother and children around this village, then, all of us, who had gathered during the day, did the cleaning of the place, and arranged some other equipment, as shown below:

Preparing Food for Rice, Noodles and Drinks etc











As you have seen above, that's the whole way to organize food, which we do in the Preparation of Food Arrangements for Rice, Noodles and Drinks etc., for the people of this village, together we do it.

Eating together with the villagers









after the above event was over, we all met face to face and smiled with each other with the residents here, you can also see it, how the condition of their faces with grakan while being and sitting on the velvet which we have also bought using steem. very nice to see.

That's all I can say, beforehand, I also want to say thank you, to those who are written below :

Sponsor No.1

  • Team Steemit "Voice support"
  • Team Norway "Voice support"
  • Witness Steem "Voice and Real support"
  • Aceh-Team Member "Voice and Real support"
  • Whole Post Voters "Voice "
  • User Steem "Voice and Real support"

Aceh Team Member


The event has been successfully implemented

Surprise Promo Steem Gebyar Gempita 2022 - Event 1 Done
From the WORLDOFXPILAR Community
for the local community in the Buket
in the hamlet of Cot Kiro**

Hope you enjoy seeing it
Done, 26 APRIL 2022

Don't go anywhere, keep waiting for my next post, you will see:

Posting Surprise Promo Steem Gebyar Gempita 2022 - Event 2


Donation List 1

1. @xpilar50-
2. @steem-supporter50-
3. @the10050-



Total Steem and Post Helps

1. @xpilar50-
2. @steem-supporter50-
3. @the10050-
4. Post12.3984.177

Estimated Total Steem and Posting
With Indonesian Currency

IDR . 1.509.111

Note 1:
Purchases of Steem and Sbd were purchased by @sultan-aceh at the highest prices directly, to cover this need as a whole.( The handover event has been completed )

Donation List 2

Especially for Village Children's Education

1. @olesia-25
2. @xpilar50-
3. @steem-supporter50-
4. @the10050-



Estimated Total Steem and Posting
With Indonesian Currency in Coingecko


Note 2 :
Purchases of Steem and Sbd were purchased by @sultan-aceh at the highest prices directly, to cover this need as a whole, for Village Children's Education

On behalf of the @WorldOfXpilar community and members of @aceh-team and I @sultan-aceh, Represent, @xpilar and WOX Moderators, I would like to thank those who have supported this procurement activity, both in the real world, online, with enthusiastic support and in prayer.

A big thank you from me on behalf of the World Of Xpilar Community


@xpilar "Admin" - Moderator and @sultan-aceh "Event organiser"

Note :

- The above activity costs have been paid by @sultan-aceh


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Alhamdulillah, the event went as it should, happiness was seen on all faces of the audience, and the @aceh-team members who attended the event, hopefully in the future they can continue to do similar activities.
"Because the best of humans are those who are beneficial to others."

your best member @diary-macro
terima kasih atas partisipasimu dan dukunganmu dalam acara ini

Aksi kebaikan yang sangat mulia di bulan ramadhan, semoga berkah dan mendapat pahala berlimpah. Keep spreading kindness everywhere..

Hai @sailawana
semoga kamu juga bisa berperan penting di komunitas dimasa depan
semoga kamu dapat hadir pada kesempatan yang berbeda di minggu depan.

Luar biasa, sehat selalu buat rekan-rekan Aceh-team semua yang telah menyukseskan acara tersebut.👍👍❤️

terima kasih abangda @ewindos
walalupun jauh, dekat dibaca .. heheheh

Terima kembali bang @sultan-aceh 🙏😀

ok bang

Alhamdulillah, everything went smoothly. I am happy to see the atmosphere of togetherness in the mosque. I was amazed to see such a beautiful prayer room after the blue carpet was installed, and the artful carvings on the walls. Their happiness is our happiness too. Hopefully the Aceh team will always be united.

terima kasih bangda @midiagam
ajan pajan abang jak beuoh .. heheheh
bah adek sultan jak tung abang ... hehehehe


Insya Allah bang da @sultan-aceh.
Akan loen kabari miseu neuk meulangkah keunan. Saboh kebanggaan chit jeut meugabong ngen anggota tim Aceh 😊

Alhamdulillah, acara buka puasa bersama, dan pemberian santunan berjalan sukses, semoga program yang sudah kita lakukan terus berlanjut, semangat terus, bangga menjadi anggota Aceh team.

terima kasih @village-ucup
senang melihat anda sangat bersemangat, dan terima ksig atas ucapan baik anda
anda memang hebat, pantang menyerah dan mundur 😀😊🤝
terima kasih atas kerjasama anda dalam kegiatan ini.🤝

Excellent, it looks very organized, I liked the green color they used for the rug, it looks like they enjoyed the food and pleasant conversations, the children look like they had a great time, I hope they keep moving forward and have enough collaborations to continue in this great job.

Greetings and blessings.

thank you for your comments and kind words @lanegra2804 😊🤝😊


terima kasih kepada Sultan Aceh yang sudah membantu kampung buket semoga ini akan menjadi berkah di musala kami tercinta

hallo abangda @master-house terima kasih atas komentar anda,
dan terima kasih juga abtas bantuan tenaga anda dalam acara ini, anda memang hebat,
semangatmu penuh merdeka 😊🤝😊

Terimakasih kepada @sultan-aceh .
Ini buka puasa yang sangat berkesan bagi kami.
Aceh-taem memang hebat...
Semoga sukses selalu.

hallo bang #desainer-steem
terima kasih atas kerjasama anda dalam kegitan ini, dan terima kasih atas delegasi anda kepada @aceh-team
sangat bangga kepadamu, kamu memiliki hati yang sangat baik dan mulia, saling memaafkan, membantu warga dan aceh-team. kamu adalah contoh terbaik yang kamu lakukan, uang bkan segala galanya, tapi sesama manusia yang terpenting. 😊🤝😊🙏

Mohon maaf yang sebesar-besarnya bang tidak bisa menghadiri acara yang sangat mulia ini, tapi hati dan jiwaku bersama Anda-anda semua. Semoga Allah mengangkat derajat orang-orang yang telah berpartisipasi mewujudkan impian masyarakat setempat, berkah untuk semua. Aamiin

hana pu pu ..ka lon maklum bang.

Aduen long si urat Teuk!.👍👌❤️

alhamdulillah ... abang T lon 😊😀🤝
hahahahah ... heheheheh ...
na urat yang kacukok cukok, han ek tapeutupat
hehehehe ...

Hehe.. siapa yang menanam kebaikan maka akan menuai kebaikan, Insya Allah!.


Amin ya Allah 🤲

makasih bang

Sama-sama bang😊

gathat gronn lago bang..

[WhereIn Android] (

maka jih, kajak sigo go bak @aceh-team,
bek gadoh kajak pike leh pupu inan keugop ... hehehe


[WhereIn Android] (

  ·  last month Reveal Comment

thank you so much @alexmove.witness

  ·  last month Reveal Comment

kiban cara droneuh ka 43 SBD adunn.. semoga beusehat sabe.. 🙏

[WhereIn Android] (

pu kiban cara ata gop nyan .. hehehe

terimakasih banyak bang..

[WhereIn Android] (

In which village is Musalla brother?

[WhereIn Android] (

ka lom, kabaca diateuh hai..heheheh
bahasa indonesia mantong ... desa buket 😊🤝🙏

ia terimakasih.

[WhereIn Android] (