WOX: Who are we and why you chose this community. "500 steempower up voting event"

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Hello my dear Steemians,




Today I wanted to call for everyone who is a member of WOX community. Some of you already with us for a long time and some recently joined. Each of us have:

  1. Different reasons
  2. Different views
  3. Different hobbies
  4. Of course we can be from different countries
  5. The only one is in common that we stay loyal to our community and want it to grow!


For many other people outside of our community it is difficult to understand how we, so different people, still stay together.

I remember in the past when we were submitting our applications for any other support for our Community I was asked:


“What country or region our community covers?”




“What topic we are covering”


I always try to explain that we are a part of the blockhain and we know there are no borders here that means we have users from many different countries and also that there are many different subjects and topics we embrace.
Perhaps in order to make it easier we should show:


Who we are and why we are in “World of Xpilar” community.




Therefore, I wanted to call for you, dear users:

If you would like to have a chance to get considered for the “Community of the month-September” we have to show, how many we are and that every single of us would like our Community in the Support Program.




Trenner groß.png


What you need to do:

  1. Please do a post and tell us:
    Who are you and what country you are from
    Title: WOX: Who are we and why you chose this community.
    Tell us one of the activity of WOX community that you think is the most interesting for you
    Why do you think WOX should be selected for the Community of the Month

  2. Post from our community page

  3. The posts should be new and posted on Steem, no crossing

  4. Use tag #supportWOX, that will help us to see new posts easier and to support you too


We are all a part of our Team, therefore let’s show that we deserve the support of the Steemit team.


Trenner groß.png


The same time we would like to continue taking part in the "500 steempower up voting event" by @steem-agora. If anyone interested here is the link to latest post:





@stef1 Power Up snapshot



or you can see how it looks in Steemworld:





  • The next you should leave your message with the proof of Power Up snapshot under @steem-agora's latest post and that is, just wait for the upvote

Anybody can take a part in this Initiative and you do not need to wait for the beginning of the month

We all know that @steemcurator01 and the Steemit team encourage users for Power Up, I hope that they also will love this Initiative that will help us to create more stronger accounts


@stef1 and @myskye



Trenner groß.png


CURATION TRIAL @worldofxpilar




Trenner groß.png



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Sehr coole Idee!
Ich werde von dieser ein wenig abkupfern... ;-)
Nein, nein, nicht zum September... ;-)
Viel Erfolg, viele qualitativ aussagekräftige Beiträge!
Liebe Grüße,

Ich bin gespannt ob es was bringt. Wie du weißt, hat unsere Community recht viele User, und die meisten wiesen gar nicht dass es das Community Support Programm gibt.

Sie hoffen einfach auf den freundlichen Besuch eines vorbei schwimmenden Wals.

Deshalb müssen sie sich auch mal etwas anstrengen.

Du kannst gerne unsere Idee etwas nachjustieren und benutzen, darauf haben wir noch kein „Copyright“ :)

Ich wünsche dir noch eine schöne Woche und bis bald,


Thank you for your lovely post, that is already upvoted by our Trial and our accounts!

Thanks so much. I am so happy.

Thanks so much. I am so happy.

Hopefully with this post.
So in the future I really hope that WOX communists will get support.
Thanks @stef1 for letting us all know here.

This is my post @stef1

That is great, thank you for taking part :)

You're welcome.

This is very good initiative!!! As I can forseen success coming our ways in the WOX with which benefit every members here! Will soon join the writing soon and update the link here..

Continue do the great work!



Thank you @davidad for your wiliness to join our Initiative :)

You are welcome.. @stef1

There are definitely much to say to and about the community..... Cooking begins!!!!!!!!!!

Would be great to see your thoughts and ideas :)

Very soon!

Greetings @stef1, thanks for the information. Of course, we will achieve it in unity. I am going to make my post.

Thank you @mirla33, you have been one of the active users of WOX community :)

Thank you @stef1, thank you for your support. Greetings

I have gone through this post carefully, there is so much to tell about this community, am dropping my entry anytime soon.

Thank you for reading. It is indeed much in our big community. Would be grateful for your feedback!

It can be a noble and universal initiative. I am already writing WORLD OF XPILAR Tuktak from Bangladesh.
I will try to start writing again with new enthusiasm. I am hopeful that we will succeed. Thank you so much.

Thank you @mrnazrul for your time and we would be happy to read your post :)

Dear Friend @stef1
I am very very happy that I have been able to bring my little writing to the attention of a person like you. You are always welcome.
Your @mrnazrul, Bangladesh.

This is very inspiring @stef1 :D

Thank you @cryptopie, we will hope to have as many posts as possible :)

WOX is a great and quality community, and deserves more support from the Steemit team. We from @aceh-team are passionate and strive every day to create quality content with the MacroPhotography contest. Thanks for the information @stef1!. 🙏🖤

Thank you @adivender for your nice words. I totally agree with you and this is our intention to show others that our community is there, it is big family and we would like to be seen a strong supporter of the Steem blockchain!

Thank you very much for the information. Hopefully this community will be elected next month . I have always been loyal to this beloved community.

We all want to break through and make it possible to get nomination :)

That's right, hopefully it will be as we want. Thanks @stef1 :-)

Por aqui dejo mi participacion para la comunidad participacion @santamorillo

Thank you for your lovely post and it was great to learn about you :)

Thank you for your post :)

you're welcome @stef1 :)

Me gustan las comunidades variadas donde se comparten gustos diferentes, hare una breve presentacion para ustedes en unas horas para compartir, agradecida por el apoyo.

Thank you for taking part in Power Up Initiative :)

Gracias a ustedes por apoyar.

Thank you for taking time and your post!

Thank you very much for this very valuable information @stef1 , hopefully this post can make changes and get support as you describe here

Absolutely agree and that is our aim!

Hopefully it will come true soon

Thank you for taking part in our Initiative!

Im glad to be part of WOX!

thanks for sharing and informative message with us we can every thing in best intrust of community thanks

You are welcome to join our call out too :)

Thank you very much for the information

You are welcome and hope you will support our community call!

Lovely post, really appreciate it!

Thank you for your time and creating a post!

Thank you for the lovely feedback!

Thank you for lovely post and your support of WoX!

Thank you for supporting WOX Community!

Hi, @stef1. Here I present my participation in this wonderful initiative.

WOX: ¿Quién soy y Por qué elegí ésta Comunidad? / WOX: Who am I and why did I choose this Community? / @SkinnyGirl


Compartido en mi cuenta de Twitter


Separador 1.png

Beautiful post and lovely photo, thank you for your post!

Hola a todos, acá les comparto mi participación en esta iniciativa que busca apoyar la comunidad de #WorldOfXPILAR.

WOX: ¿Quién soy y por qué elegí ésta comunidad?, Por @Orinoquense

¡Exitos y bendiciones!

Thank you for the post and your time!

Hi @stef1
It's a great initiative and would be Proud to be a part of it. Will definately take WOX as the best of all communities.
Let's cross fingers.
Will soon submit my entry.
Thanks & regards

Thank you for your wiliness would be great to read your post!

Thank you for your lovely post :)

Thank you for participation :)

Hola a todos feliz y prospero día.

Por acá mi publicación para apoyar a la comunidad.

Thank you for your beautiful words towards our community, really appreciate it!

Great initiative @ stef1.
I think that everyone's activity should help to achieve our goals.
Here is my post:


Thank you for been there, you are one of the active core people of our community!

... and thank you for your kind words!

Thank you for taking your time and writing post for our community!

This is my post @stef1
Thank you very much for this post


Thank you for your lovely post and analyses :)

Thank you for your lovely respond :)

It is a pleasure for me to be on WOX. Blessings.

Hola amigos, aquì dejo mi presentaciòn, muchos èxitos a todos: https://steemit.com/hive-185836/@cbuendia/wox-quienes-somos-y-por-que-eligio-esta-comunidad

It was nice to meet you and I was pleased to see such wonderful feedback and description of the activities :)

Thank you for your lovely post and glad you shared your views about our community :)

Thanks to all of you a hug.

En intención de apoyar a esta gran familia que me ha acogido desde que inicie con mis dibujos en la plataforma de steemit, les presento mi artículo.


One inspiring community where users are always motivated and aggrandised by the support of the MODs and Admin is WOX. I will forever pay my loyalty to this community.
One love from Nigeria

I feel this post have good importance.
I am here a little late as I was having some health issues. Whatever late but not null here I am - WOX: Who we are and why we chose this community -@artographer

Hola amiga buen día como estás? Por acá te dejo mi entrada https://steemit.com/hive-185836/@jlvillamizar/quienes-somos-y-porque-elegi-esta-comunidad

Muy buena información,es una comunidad excelente..dejare mi entrada pronto

I Will be pleased to help You! I Will do My post right now

hello friends here my participation in this activity greetings and success


Hi @stef1
this is the link to my participation. I am not a writer but i have tried to write eveverythingfrom my heart.
Please take a look ::


Hopefully we will get support this month.
Thank you for making this post.
This is my post.

Glad you joined the initiative!