What is abuse and Using a References

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Hello my dear Steemians,


After my post from yesterday I have found an interesting interaction of two users who we know quite well. Both of them are doing drawings and we following for some time.

I wanted to bring the comment chain here and to just to make first explanation till everything will turn into a bigger conflict.*



My comment to this reaction would be:

@tempestinyang, how then the other user can copy you if you even have not posted it, how he should know that you have done this drawing?

@ezunjoshy and "A Graphite Capture; 'Bold and Cute'"


If you wanted to find out what was the reason for the discussion then let's go to @ezunjoshy and his post. We know @ezunjoshy for many years and we have discussion about the references and when the Old steemit was there we all remember how strict it was otherwise @jaguar.force was chasing the users.

While coming back to the post, this is a drawing:


And here is the reference of his drawing the same link now after the discussion was re-edited and submitted:


Conclusion: the accusations against @ezunjoshy are wrong


  • @tempestinyang when seeing your drawing it is also look like the reference from Internet, the is why I was wondering how you came to this idea of drawing this dog, what reference you used for the drawing?

  • I assume that both of you @tempestinyang and @ezunjoshy both separately used the same reference and this does not mean that one stole work of others, especially if @tempestinyang you have not even posted it.

  • @ezunjoshy has not stolen any Artworks and he presented his steps and even a photo with this work in his hands. Therefore, it is not fair to blame @ezunjoshy and accuse him in theft.

  • @tempestinyang if you would like to post your drawing then you simply need to put the reference link that you used for your drawing but if it is your own dog, then post a photo of a dog. Because there are many dogs of the same breed and they look the same and when we draw them they are looking alike too.

-That is why using the reference picture is essential, that will help to avoid such situation.

At the end I wanted to draw your attention to the post of wonderful Austrian Artist who unfortunately left Steemit @thermoplastic:



I want to bring this little paragraph from his post:

  • If you use stuff that is in the public domain, then you can do with it what you want without any restrictions. Usually, copyright expires after 80 years or 100 years (depending on country) after the death of the author. Extensions are sometimes granted to heirs of the artist if they apply for it.


There are and will be many discussion about copyright and it is very thin border between what is right and allowed and what is not. Therefore, please use reference links to avoid any conflict.


CURATION TRAIL @worldofxpilar




Trenner groß.png



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Thanks for settling this. He hasn't been on the platform for long and doesn't know how things work. It's just sad how much time i've wasted today.
Thanks once again.

I can imagine and it is really frustrating thing, but as I mentioned luckily we know you for few years now and we know what is your position towards abuse issues again from our discussion before. I hope that you will do something to clear up your mind and get back to normal :)

Thanks, I would. My girl is on the way...lol

Thank you so much @stef1 for looking into the matter. Your judgement is right because @tempestinyang has not yet posted his and it is very possible that both of them might have used the same reference or better still can draw such breed as artists.

@tempestinyang, please take this judgment in good faith and move on. No more accusations please.

@ezunjoshy please, take this judgment the way it is and don't press for further explanation. Let it end here, am pleading. Just let it go.

Let's move on because we still have a long journey to make here in steemit. Love you all!

Thank you for your supportive attitude to the users and for your reassurance which is very important in such situation. Agree, we need to get together and move on :)


Okay, thanks for your time.
I knew immediately that he was talking out of ignorance I was only concerned that someone who was looking for where to vent might flag me if it wasn't resolved sooner.


Thank you ma.
But I posted mine on Facebook and Instagram.
Though I have seen the truth. We both used the same reference. @ezunjoshy I'm sorry for dragging you out. I just thought you copied mine.

No probs, it happens.

But pls don't always threaten people when they call you out. Nice meeting you. I'm Tempest Inyang. A pencil artist in west Africa. I forget to mention, your work was awesome. But why use graphite instead of charcoal?

Graphite is what I use mostly, I do miniature works. Nice meeting you.
Steemit take stuff like this seriously, it's just because most of the old witnesses are gone else, I might've been flagged by someone before the case was even resolved. I've seen this many times back then is why I was furious.

Mr. Fast and Furious the threat hurts more than the theft. Pls always stay calm when accused because no sane person can flag you off without looking into it and without just judgement.
I'm following you. Endeavor to follow back. Thanks.

Alright, please always verify information before accusations. @ezunjoshy, please accept his apologies including mine. Let's move on

I just hope it doesn't kill the vibes in my work when I post mine later, because I will definitely post it later.

Sad discussion, I am amazed at how easily some people regard their work as Art. It may be a good drawing, but Art? Art that deserves a complaint for plagiarism?
This only indicates how he overvalues his own drawings and therefore the poor concept he has of what Art is.

Yes, nowadays people use the word Art very easily sometimes without thinking what Art is and the artist mean. But that is our modern 21th century :)

Yes, you're right.

Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.

I'm sorry @stef1. I finally realized we both used the same reference. But does that not make my work invalid because I still plan to post it later?
Won't that be plagiarism when I post mine later?
Won't I be losing? Will I even be appreciated or voted?

  ·  2 months ago 

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Glory to Steemit! With a successful scenario, even student work is rewarded here.

Hi @tempestinyang, you still can post your drawing too with the reference on the bottom of your post. That is absolutely fine and does not mean that you copied the work of other one.

Ok. Thank you. I will do that later.

I have apologized. @stef1 I accept the fact that we used the same reference.
I don't like the fact that he contacted all his friends to fight me for him like I have nobody. @paulyoung introduced me into steemit and told me almost all the rules and regulations. How come his friends are still attacking me.
But his friends are still on my neck.
Just check this out.

Sorry about that brother he didn't know that this had been settled. @tezzmax introduced us to the platform. I look forward to seeing more of your works it a pity you live far away, I live in Lagos may be one day we would get to meet each other.

We don't have to meet before we show love. I learned I'm following you on this platform but I'm not being followed by you I guess.

Thank God it's all settled.
And by the way, ain't a friend called out to fight you, I just find it painful that you used the word theft on the first instance but all is well, just try to complain with love next time.

One Love! ❤️

I'm now following you also my friend.

It was really funny)