Saturday walk: coastal path walk of 24 km

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Some of you might remember that I mentioned yesterday that we were planning to have a walk along the coast up to North. The weather was nice, warm and what is the most important dry. Of course we have had our cameras, of course @myskye is a photographer, a bottle of water and little sweet peppers. That was all. We decided to go through the park that is along the coast and of course here is the first beauty that we captured, beautiful tree.




This is the last glance towards our town, we still can see a lot fo buildings and town very well but further we go the picture will get changed.

Here we have a coastal path specially signposted for tourists and you can see it on the map below:




We had no idea how long and far we will go and it was no real limit, just go ahead so long our legs are OK for walking. Here is the terrace with the view to sea but behind there are many trees and a stone with a poem of Stone-poem 'Stanes' by Duncan Glen. But also there is a bench for the people for little break.










When now looking back we can only see the beach and trees and the town is already left behind that.




Here are two pictures that can show what sea and waves can do, one is the branch of tree and another flat big stone, seeing them I can't stop thinking that nature is the best Artist!









Finally we arrived to our first destination this is a little harbor town called Dysart. Previously we should you the harbor with sailing boat, that is why this time completely different part the houses along the coast.










After tiny break and our series of photos we headed to the next point. Actually the whole journey was 24,8 km to and back home and took as 6 hours just walking.


That is all for today, we will continue our Photo-journey in next post. Hope you also enjoyed it.



CURATION TRAIL @worldofxpilar




Trenner groß.png



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At first, I have not read your text but scrolled down looking at the pictures. Well, I thought that was Norway🙂 Later I've read, and googled, Scotland🤗
Great nature, really picturesque.

I am glad you like the picture, the nature is really beautiful and luckily summer is also warm. I love long nights when it is becoming dark after midnight and already at 3 AM it is becoming light again.

I've missed those warm nights so much!!! I mean, we have them, but it's forbidden to be outsite after 22-23:00.
Enjoy the summer✨️🌼

24 km walking? It's something how long it took you, the last time I ran 21 km I was exhausted, I easily walk 5 km whenever I can, but I trust you with that beauty of the town of Dysart I do it with great pleasure, oh I love the paths with stones.

What a good walk it was necessary to breathe!

Greetings, happy Saturday!

The whole trip to and back took us 6 hours and it was 24 km all together. It is impressive if you managed to ran for 21 km. In summer we try to do often walks, also the weather is warm and sunny :)

Oh yes it takes time but they are in good condition it's fantastic, yes friend I walk whenever I can or run I'm 4 years old I changed my eating and physical habits a lot I try to take care of myself, although sometimes I fall into temptation ha ha.

Beautiful scenery my friend. Nature really is a fantastic artist, and full of wonderful things that invites us to relax and thank God for giving us the opportunity to enjoy it. All the photographs are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Greetings and blessings. 🙏🍀🌻🌸💜

Thank you Gaby, it was worth to have such walk although we have felt it today and decided to take it easy just a little walk today within the town :)

Very beautiful shots!

Oh, I´d so much looooove to be in such a green, fresh sunny place like that! I really enjoyed the images! thank you!