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Hello dear Steemians,

Today I saw this post from @wox-helpfund that is a fund that was organized by @xpilar and there to help users in need. This time it looks like our Boss decided to use the effect of Lottery and let people to try their luck.

When I think about lottery, I remember the one that I decided to play, in general I am not a person who plays any lottery, because when I was very young I did couple of time but did not win anything that is why it never then was in my interest. Nevertheless when couple of months ago in our of the shop I saw "Euro Million" and it had 17 Million in jackpot I decided to buy it. But on that day I forgot my reading glasses then when I had to pick the numbers I just randomly crossed some knowing nothing what they were. ON one hand I thought maybe that will be my lucky draw but no, at the end it did not win anything.

Nevertheless, this lottery is different here you have more chances of win.


On other hand while playing you also contributing to the Help-Fund too. Here is the rules how it works:


This is my contribution to @wox-helpfund:



CURATION TRIAL @worldofxpilar




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Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.

Thank you for great advertising about our lottery and thank you for your support of @wox-helpfund

You are welcome, hope that helps :)

nice advertising , thank you

Yes, hope that the people get interested :)

same here. I am not a person who buy a lottery ticket, because when I was very young I did couple of time but did not win anything that is why it never then was in my interest. ^^

I can imagine, my mother-in-law plays lottery every week for many years, of course there were few little wins and one time a good win but many years ago.

My best luck is my children, so I don't think there is any chance of winning the lottery because all my luck is on them ^^

I absolutely agree with you, also I tell myself that I can earn everything with my own skills and own effort at least then I know that I make it happen :)

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