Printer repair for Dummies or "Error #A1-4111"

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Hello dear friends,


While I was working today and had no idea what is happening at home @myskye had a lot of stress dealing with our Printer. We have nice laser colour Printer from Samsung it is just few years old and we do not use it often. Just printing some documents, booking if we travel. Some beautiful photography or my painting if I want to make a present for some of my friends.

Because of our trip for the long weekend my hubby needed to use printer and started happily this AM, but he was completely puzzled seeing this note on the display and the Printer refused to do anyhting because of the error:

An odyssey "Error #A1-4111"


To start with, this is our Printer, nice cool looking this morning and pretending to be fine :)


I think if it were me I immediately would call @myskye but it was him so no one to call and what he usually does is to ask "Dr. Youtube"

Luckily, this error is already well known and my hubby quickly found a video once he entered the error number and Samsung. He was brave enough to open up the printer and follow the instruction in order to find the failure.

In order to put all parts together after he usually makes photos and I was fascinated with that, therefore, I wanted to share the process of repair of our Printer with you. I usually tell @myskye that he has "golden" hands he can repair almost everything and I am so glad for that.





The problem was with the little detail at that blue taped magnet that is then enlarged int eh corner and below it is separately taken and enlarged. What needed a little piece of plastic or non-metal that then @myskye inserted there where arrow pointed.




Do you want to know how the piece is looking and how big it is that paralyses the whole printer, then look at that picture below and the piece in compare to the tip of pencil.


Just after the piece was replace the printer is back to normal. I even do not think how much it would have costed us if we asked a specialized repair company to fix it but thank @myskye we paid nothing.



Wishing you nice weekend dear friends my me weekend is already started!


CURATION TRAIL @worldofxpilar




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Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.

There are not many people who do this themselves, such a repair probably costs quite a bit and some would probably just buy a new printer.

I believe many people are concerned that they make it worse than better and also not many would like to try, the others have enough money to buy a new equipment and give a non-functioning to second hand shop who maybe repair it and then sell and earn on it.


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That is great, thank you for liking our repair work @adeljose and @steemcurator07.

That reminded me that mine also had an error 2 years ago, and they couldn't fix it, I have it in storage, I'm going to clean it to check it again.

Who knows maybe it will also start working. Good that you still kept it and not completely disposed.

I have done this many times on my printer..., though its HP.

Most of the comon faults could be solved by the owner.., especially if tou are familiar with few troubleshooting skills. I'm glad your printer later worked for you....,i guess it was a good day.

I am sorry to hear that you printer is getting broken so often. We never had such problem in the past with our printers so it was an experience of our first repair. It was obviously well known as there are many video tutorials on YouTube about that.

I can't help but shake my head over this, I've had the same issues with printers and computers over the years…and that's just hardware, software is even more buggy. I'm glad that your husband fixed it.

And I love (not really) when something works today, and then tomorrow it doesn't work, and I wrack my brain over what I did to break it…and sometimes it's just an update, or a “permissions” problem or I installed something 8 months ago and now its conflicting with my old software…lol…this post just reminded me how annoyed I get with those things…lol :)

The more electronic is the equipment the more areas that could be broken and need to be fixed. The same with cars, in the past it was simple you needed to repair some pieces but nowadays you need to replace the whole part because the garages find it easy to order and replace rather than to search the fault and to install only the part that is broken.