My ArtVenture: Pencil Portrait „Tilda“

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„Tilda“ by @stef1


Hello dear Art Fans,

After a long time I am back with my new drawing, that I finished today. I actually started to prepare myself to do it few weeks ago when I saw the Drawing tutorial of @jorgevandeperre


Those of you who did drawing int eh past starting from the early classes, you know that it is important to be able to do shading with hatching. That is something that will make the 2d drawing to look realistic.

After I did my first class with @jorgevandeperre he commented on my drawing and advice to use pencil of one strength and to make the light and dark areas using the hatching or to put more or less pressure on pencil.

Once I heard that I decided to finish my drawing of Tilda Swinton, one of my favourite actress with such facials features that just asking to be captures in portrait. I used one pencil of HB, it looks a bit light but I still decided to finish it as planned.

I hope Jorge will see my drawing and will be good to hear his expert opinion.

Hope you like it.





My step-by-step process:



Trenner groß.png


Trenner groß.png


Trenner groß.png

The finished drawing:



Pencil portrait „Tilda“

Drawing paper A4 and graphite pencil HB






CURATION TRAIL @worldofxpilar




Trenner groß.png



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Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.

I've been finding it hard to make drawings with soft and light tone sure as this. I aways end up with dark tones maybe because I love them but I should be able to come up with drawings like this once a while. This is really beautiful I love the eyes and the hair. I also love the way you blended your work. I know Jorge would be impressed, I'm hoping to join his class now I'm done with my exams.

I agree with you I have the same feeling and every time wanted to try the soft pencils but on other hand did not want to disturb harmony. I loved this way and think it looks really nice :)

Yes it really looks nice, I think I would try out a soft pencil and see the result.

Wow, this is really good @stef1.

Thank you, glad that you like this drawing :)

Great job just that yours is light. Your shading is faint
I love it. I'm expecting more.

Thank you for your nice comment I will try to do more :)

Hello dear, how beautiful your portrait leaves me shocked. I can easily recognize this woman in your work. successes.

Thank you, I am glad to hear such nice words about my drawing :)

fantastic portrait

Thank you, it is nice to hear such nice feedback :)

This is so beautiful! May be because you could reflect her personality on a paper – not only appearance.

Thank you Julia, I am glad that you find that this is an expressive drawing I love this portrait and wanted to transmit if in this work :)

nice! I think it is a good likeness.

Thank you @brittilicious for your lovely comment, it is nice to see you again on Steemit :)

Hi @stef1, this is a very beautiful portrait! As I told you before, I feel that you draw with a lot of love and I think that you really expect a sincere and honest comment about your drawing because you want to learn from it.
So I'm going to make a post to give you the answer you deserve and I'm very honoured that you consider me an authoritative voice to give you professional advice. I hope to live up to your expectations.
Your request aroused in me the idea of offering my advice on the work of whoever asks me. I think it could be another way to help those who believe that my opinion can be useful both to them and to other friends in the community. What do you think about it?

Hi Jorge, thank you for your time to look into my work and taking time for assessment.

I agree it is important for persons who want to learn and improve their skills. It is important to hear such feedback from experts like you, because you want the person to improve the skills and not just to criticize. We all learn and do it every day, when reaching some goals that makes us happy.

I have found your idea absolutely amazing we need to advertise that and to make a vast majority of people to know that it is possible to get a professional opinion. Will definitely support it :)