Garden work and the first flowers

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Hello dear Steemians,


Another sunny day in Scotland and it is another day for me to do some work at home, because tomorrow I will start my work and it is busy hospital work, that after each day I have no mood for anything, just to have something to eat and enjoy my evening hours with my hubby. Recently my work takes majority of my time even being on weekend off my duty I am still working" like checking emails and messages on phone that sometime require some arrangements. That is why I decided this week not to check emails and also luckily I had just few messages.

That was a reason for me today to spend time in our front garden, we had some weed that also grow so quickly due to sunny days and rain so that it was a time to remove them. We do not like to use the weed-killer because it will be absorbed by soil and earth and who knows it will be later on in our water. That is why we are for simple mechanical removal with roots.

While I was working outside @myskye was working inside on our room. Before I started I looked around and saw such beauty of Spring with its beautiful green plants and of course the first flowers. I have done the photos myself this time, therefore, they are not so good quality like my hubby does but I hope you will like them.































CURATION TRAIL @worldofxpilar




Trenner groß.png



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Thank you :)

Hello dear friend @stef1 good afternoon
There is nothing more beautiful than seeing flowers appear in our garden. You do a great job there. Congratulations
Beautiful flowers, have a great time
May this week that the work begins be levy
happy start to the week dear friend

Thank you @jlufer, absolutely agree spring is wonderful, so many flowers and everything nice green colour. I love spring and for me it feels that I am myself having more positive energy like the green plants :)

Nice garden moments :) Thanks for sharing it :) Cheers :)

Thank you, in spring everything grows so quickly, so we have to work almost every weekend in garden :)

These images of the spring flowers and the fern remind me of my British side, so long since I went there. I know this is Scotland but it reminds me.

I can imagine famous British garden is known everywhere. Nowadays, people more lazy then it was in the past. I am pretty sure you will like the nature and endless Highlands :)

I would LOVE to visit Scotland !

Hi Stef! I find your photos very good, I liked them, nothing to envy your husband. I'm glad you don't use chemical weed killers.

Thank you Jorge, I am glad that was able to capture the plants good and focused, due to sun it is difficult to know how well they became.

Those flowers are majestic with their colors and getting the full sun. Hoping that your beautiful garden would become more productive and attractive. 👍

Weed killers in my opinion is not good, it will contaminate the underground water source. My grandfather had taught me to pull out the weeds with their roots ang lay them on a rock or stone to let them die and it makes sense rather than cutting it down so it will not propagate anymore.

I am still dreaming of owning a fine garden like yours with fruiting cuttings of berries for example, stunning flowers that also gives out fragrance, some vegetables like the leafy ones, and also a flowering "Fire Tree." 😊

I also hope that we will have many more flowers this year. Every year we plant something new, it is nice to see the result and to know that insects also love them.

Yes, weed is better to pull out of course it is physical job but at the end we are satisfied with done job :)