FINAL REPORT: Community Curator for Visual Art and Photography @steemcurator08 - and The Last Goodbye

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Hello my dear Steemians and Art Fans,




For the last three months from May to July 2020 @steemcurator08 was curating Visual Art: different Art styles and Photography, the same time we curated "world of xpilar" community because we are part of it and German Community because it is still our mother land.

I believe everyone familiar with this painting of mine that we decided to use as a logo for Visual Art curation @steemcurator08 but it will not appear anymore in connection with it.




We wanted to thank and the Steemit Team, Eli Powel with @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 for this great opportunity and the same time such responsibility to carry out this task. Many asking how do we feel now, actually we feel like we are having Holiday because last 3 months were hard working, daily searching through Steem blockchain, upvoting, commenting, guiding with advises and to appropriate teams, running our own contest alongside my full time job and my hubby's full time restoration man project.

We, @stef1 and @myskye and our project @art-venture will still keep Upvoting and Supporting Artists and Photographers, now with less Upvote Power but we will keep organizing Contests, Showcases as before.

Today's post we decided to build up differently to show that Art, the same like Music has no borders, when curating we can't say that we curate this Artist because he is from Africa or Asia but we will not curate another one because he is from Denmark.

No! Art speaks the language of Visual Art, Emotions, with this post we wanted to show how wide was the range our CURATION with @steemcurator08 and that we know almost every single who we are putting on this list.

We wanted to appologize in advance if we miss any Artist, because there are really very many of them. We included the most active users because otherwsise it would be not enough space.


Trenner groß.png


Now we would like to share with you our activity of the last week.


As always we would like to express our appreciation for the amazing tools that is provided by @steemchiller and his “Steemworld” program that made the curation process easy and let us keep an eye on our Upvote power and finally to do Statistic.

We would like to thank all those Community Curators who are searching through the Steem and supporting users in their area of Curation. That is wonderful job you are doing and bringing a littl bit of hope and happiness to simple users.





Here it is how our working day look like:


  • Searching through the different tags there are 16 Tags, last 2 years since we created @art-venture project we are looking through all these tags in order to find extraordinary and talented people who need some spotlight in order to shine.





  • We are part of fast growing community “world of xpilar” that is run by a one of the active supporter of all minnows @xpilar, since we started to promote it many Artists and Photogrpahers started to post via this community.

  • Checking for recent re-post or copy/paste.
    Plagiarism using reverse image search machine.

  • Running our own project @art-venture with regular Contests and Artist Showcase.

  • Visiting the users Internet website to make sure that the works are their own: we always glad to be able to visit the users own websites and view their works, to read about them and communicate. Only via communication we can make people interested in engagement and interest in blogging.


Trenner groß.png


Our achievements past 7 days @steemcurator08:




  • We left with @steemcurator08:
    2,087 Comments and got 738 Replies!!! (last week: 1,952 Comments and got 677 Replies)

  • 111 Followers (last week:107 Followers)
    Reputation 49 (last week: 48,2)


Trenner groß.png



Art on Steem


Professional Photography


  • @boddhisattva, absolutely amazing landscape photogrpahy, architecture and nature
  • @sharker, from Russia, professional photograph with love to nature, animal and life around us.


  • @lightcaptured, professional Photographer from Bulgaria, can create stunning images from simple everyday life


  • @axeman, from Lithuania another impressive professional photograph, who actually produces the photography of any style and any subject





  • @Leoplaw, he is one of the artist when seeing his work you can recognize the style of Old Art Painting, classical style and perfect technique
  • @barbarabezina from Argentina, we also met during the time of @NTopaz, she is a professional Artist who has her specific style and her all works transmits the mystery of Women
  • @artemacarre, a professional Artist from Venezuela, who recently restarted posting and using "world of xpilar" luckily we have Spanish speaking Moderators who can guide and help for Spanish speaking users like her.
  • @ammonite, from Ireland, professional Artist creating Sand sculptures or how I call him "Lord of Sand"
  • @caro-art, from Germany, she is an Abstract and Acrylic Fluid Artist, every of her work has a video how it was created
  • @elenasteem from Russia, Illustrator, artist, graphic designer and a fan of "Alien" movies she is another Artist who I met while working as curator for @Ntopaz
  • @alkor, professional Artist from Russia, brilliant realistic portrait Art
  • @silviabeneforti, from Italy is another professional Artist Oil painting with her own very recognisable style
  • @marcocosta, professional Artist from Peru, who again we know fro last couple of years, amazing animal Art Artist and in his historical heritage Art.
  • who is great hyperrealistic Portrait Painter
  • @bologomora, from Poland, professional Artist abstract oil painting unique technique and beautiful motif
  •, from Poland, Digital and Abstract Art
  • @piotrgrafik, from Poland traditional and Digital Art


Trenner groß.png


These are our Steemian Artists



  • @maxwellmarcusart from Nigeria, Max we know for couple of years already who can create amazing portraits but also love to do daily sketches
  • @tezzmax, an Artist from Nigeria, we met recently again while curating with@steemcurator08, he also has his own style too it is scribble, very distinct and difficult but he is really mastered it.
  • @gloriaolar, from Nigeria, she is a portrait Artist creates in different styles but also very recognisable
  • @promisearts from Nigeria, self taught Artist, stunning portraits of human and animals



  • @betzaelcorvo, from Venezuela, we know him for few years, wonderful portrait Artist and very active Steemian
  • @juliocesardraw from Venezuela, hyperrealistic drawing
  •, from Venezuela, beautiful illustration Artist
  • @oscurocactus, from Venezuela, most of his drawings and painting portraits but always with combination with mystery and fantasy
  • @yanes94, from Venezuela, we know each other from being Curators of @Ntopaz, she is extraordinary and very talented Digital Art Artist



  • @mister-omortson, from Russia, amazing watercolor Artist with his favourite topic of landscape and seascape
  • @singa, from Russia, amateur Artist in her heart who loves Art and makes her way improve herself



  • @curly-xu from Ukraine, great Artist but the same time Art Teacher she is teaching children to create Art and sometimes we can see the group of her stuidents with their works
  • @sweettais from Ukraine, who I know for last couple of years, she was 19 when she joined she is grown up on Steemit, very persistent and active in her Art and Art Contests



  • @winniex, from China who is drawing daily one of the participant of @wherein-"world of xpilar" contest
  • @llllyyyyllll, from China, who is such impressive Artist working with Oil and watercolor and of course Portrait is his favourite field, he is a winner of @wherein-"world of xpilar" contest


South Korea

  • @veronicalee, one of the eldest Artist on Steem blockchain, nevertheless very active and creates beautiful watercolor works



  • @inasart, our fellow country man from Birmingham, UK, we know Ian for last 3 years, he likes to experiment with different Art styles, mediums and just having fun creating Art
  • @kevmcc, another our country fellow man from Glasgow, Scotland, with his impressive alien style Art



  • @wulff-media from Germany, nice watercolor and gouache painting
  • @anneadam from Germany, creative Artist, pencil, watercolor, pastel


Trenner groß.png


Here are few of Artists where either they have not mentioned their country or only one Artist from certain country:


  • @erofan, someone we met this year, but such beautiful fine Artists, love his aesthetic way of drawing and his active participation in Art Contests
  • @masummim50, we met last year first time when I was a curator for @Ntopaz I noticed the specific way of his drawing and it is very recognisable, I am glad that he is still actively posting.
  • @artmom, who created beautiful watercolor works, our old friend and we always happy to be there for you
  • @nestorgarcia, who is amateur Artist, Spanish and English speaker but during last 11 months she is regular creating her colourful and beautiful posts
  • @bdmillergallery from New Jersey, he loves creating Art because it gives him joy and it makes people happy seeing such beauty
  • @roinujx from Puerta Lu Cruz, wonderful portrait Art
  • @aishwarya from India, creates lovely watercolor works
  • @inu-jim we also met while @Ntopaz curation, very persistent in her work, lovely cartoon like characters


Trenner groß.png


Bloggers who we noticed and followed:


  • @digi-me, very interesting blogger family from Norway, the posts have a lot of interesting topics that usually accompanied their own high quality photography about travel in different places of the world, their experiences and life

  • @vieanna, we learnt her while reading the blogs about historical heritage and guide in the Museum, we are fans of ancient Egypt and also I love to draw the ancient Greek sculptures, that is something that made us stop and learn more

  • @chriddi, Christine, she is very positive and open personality who is everywhere on Steem, she knows what is happening she is communicating to many different people in both German and English communities and she is supporting people where she can. But the most interesting part is her blogs about daily routine of her and her dog Mäx

  • @xpilar, who has all the news around in Steem reflected in his posts, if someone wants to be in centre of events must daily look into his blog

  • @stephenkendal, another blogger who is very positive enthusiastic, he does a lot of promotion of Steem, that is why another place to find what is happening new around.


Trenner groß.png


There are many, many other user who we have not included but we know much about every single of you.


At the end @steemcurator08 Visual Art curator wanted to say Good-bye with this beautiful song.






soft pastel „The Argonath“ by @stef1


Trenner groß.png






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Liebe @Stef1,

es tut mir sehr leid, dass ihr eure engagierte Arbeit mit dem @steemcurator08 Account, mit dem ihr vor allem Bildende Künstler unterstützt habt, nicht mehr fortführen könnt.

Ein Blick in die Agenda zeigt, dass ihr eurer Verantwortung mehr als gerecht geworden seid. Kuratieren bedeutet eben weit mehr als nur Upvotes zu verteilen. Ihr habt viele Talente vor den Vorhang geholt und sie dadurch einem größeren Publikum bekannt gemacht. Die Liste der Künstler zeigt, dass Kunst universell und nicht auf Landesgrenzen beschränkt ist.

Ich finde es schade, dass Visual Art wie auch Music von offizieller Seite nicht mehr unterstützt wird. Bleibt zu hoffen, dass nicht allzu viele Künstler abwandern.

Danke für eure großartige Arbeit! Ich wünsche euch einen schönen, erholsamen Urlaub, den ihr euch nach 3-monatiger intensiver Kuratoren-Tätigkeit mehr als verdient habt.

Liebe Grüße aus Wien,

Liebe Anna, vielen Dank für deine unterstützenden Worte in Bezug auf unsere Kurationsarbeit. Ich denke, wenn wir nur Diagramme zeigen, haben wir nicht das Gefühl, dass Menschen hinter diesen Zahlen stehen. Deshalb haben wir beschlossen, diesmal die Bühne an die Künstlern zu übergeben, und zu zeigen wie viele von ihnen noch hier auf Steem aktiv sind. Ich weiß, dass viele auch auf "anderen" Plattformen posten, aber meiner Meinung nach werden sie ohne Unterstützung hier nicht länger posten, sondern einfach gehen. Aber wir werden sehen, was die Zukunft uns so bringt.
Übrigens, Anna, was ich dich schon immer fragen wollte, wie machst du das in deiner Post mit dem deutschen und englischen Texte in den zwei Spalten. Gibt es ein spezielles Symbol oder eine Abkürzung, die ich verwenden muss ? Manchmal gibt es Beiträge, die ich in beiden Sprachen machen möchte, deshalb wäre es toll, dein Geheimnis zu kennen.

Ich wünsche dir ein schönes Wochenende.

Liebe Grüße ,


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Liebe Stef1,

ich mache das zweispaltige Layout mit folgendem Code, wobei die Anweisung in der ersten Zeile für den Blocksatz steht.

<div class="text-justify">
<div class=pull-left>TEXT</div>
<div class=pull-right>TEXT</div>

Ich habe mir das Layout mal von jemanden abgeschaut, ich bin selbst jedoch kein HTML-Profi. Es gibt bestimmt noch andere Möglichkeiten. Vielleicht konnte ich dir mit meiner Lösung weiterhelfen.

Noch einen schönen Sonntag und liebe Grüße,

Liebe Anna, danke für den Tip. Ich werde es auf jeden Fall beim nächsten Mal für meine zweisprachigen Beiträge versuchen.

Liebe Grüße,


I haven't seen much artists joining in your art contests @stef1 maybe in the near future I will be the one. I am just waiting for my body to get conditioned so I can paint with real brushes and paints @stef1 :D

That would be a nice new experience for you too, there are so many different direction of Art and of course different Art Mediums as well as there are no firm rules which is easy

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Liebe @stef1 und @myskye,
ich bedaure euren Entschluss, den @steemcurator08 aufzugeben, sehr, kann ihn aber nachvollziehen. Eine gewisse Vorstellung davon, wie anstrengend es ist, selbst guten Content zu produzieren und gleichzeitig talentierte User zu unterstützen, habe ich, weil ich mich auch fast täglich um letzteres bemühe (vielen Dank für die so positive Erwähnung). Aber lange nicht so intensiv, wie ihr! Das ist ja quasi ein Fulltimejob gewesen - wie gut, dass ihr euch die Arbeit geteilt habt. Und diese habt ihr jederzeit erstklassig geleistet! Ich bin immer wieder erstaunt gewesen, wie viele tolle User ihr "ausgegraben" und damit einem breiteren Publikum vorgestellt habt. Chapeau - Hut ab! You did a phantastic job!
Ich denke, wir werden uns immer wieder über den Weg laufen, ich freue mich drauf! Und eines verspreche ich bereits jetzt: Mäx hält die Stellung... ;-)
Nochmals ein ganz dickes Dankeschön,
liebe Grüße,

PS: Extrem gut ausgewähltes, berührendes Lied! Alles Gute!

Hallo Christine, von unserer Seite waren wir sehr daran interessiert die curation mit @steemcurator08 ( Visual Art ) fortzusetzen, aber dieses Mal hat @steemitblog beschlossen die Curation zu ändern, und es verschiedenen Kontinenten und Ländern zu geben. Das gleiche ist mit @steemcurator02 passiert, das von @steemingcurators und @ciska für "music for Steem"betrieben wurde. Daher gibt es keine Kurationsunterstützung für visuelle Kunst und Musik. Wir werden aber mit den Möglichkeiten die wir haben weitermachen, und unsere Freunde wie bisher unterstützen und kommentieren

Oh, wie schade! Das ist irgendwie an mir vorbei gegangen, habe im Urlaub die Beiträge von @steemitblog nur überflogen.
Jetzt verstehe ich auch deinen Absatz zu Afrika, Asien und Dänemark in Gänze, dachte zunächst, das wäre eine Anspielung auf das vorgehen einiger "selbsternannter" Länderkuratoren. Naja, wir werden sehen, wie sich diese Steemit-Entscheidung entwickelt und lassen uns den Spaß nicht verderben!
Steem on!
LG Chriddi

Liebe Stef! Danke shön!

@stef1 Thanks a lot, I believe you did an amazing job! Indeed Art is borderless and is something that any language or continent can relate to. You brought tons of talent to our attention, and look forward to more of that!

We hope you enjoy the extra time off, we know we will :P

Music For Steem will continue as long as we have contestants that want to put hours and hours of practice and preparation in their performance and do not care about the payout on their posts. I hope that the possibility they have to express themselves and to show their passion outweighs the support they recently started receiving on other chains....

We will see you, always nice to chat with you on Disc and we both look forward to meet you and your husband one day. Thanks a lot XXX

Hi dear @ciska, thank you for stopping by and such wonderful comment. We definitely will enjoy extra free time especially now being on our own holiday.

I know what you mean with support of other blockchains, that is something we see in Art section too. Like you mentioned yourself so long we have active Art creators here we are here for them.

Who know we may meet up one day either in Netherlands or on Mallorca, to tell the truth I have never been there that is another reason to visit :)

You have been an excellent curator and I hope that your treatment projects can continue.
Thanks for letting us know so many good artists.

Thank you @sardrt for your nice words, sometimes when people are not involved in some certain area like we in Art, it is difficult to imagine how many Artists are among Steemians, that is the reason why we decided to put them together :)


Thank you for being awesome! You just got upvoted by the @steemingcurators. We are voting with the Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator02 account to support the best content on Steemit!

Follow @steemingcurators and also the official @steemitblog for info about Steemit, contests and the Daily Diary Challenge! Share your stories on Twitter or other social media to get extra upvotes. Just comment the link in your posts!

Biggest Live Music contest on Steemit #MusicForSteem
Follow @musicforsteem and the official community on Steemit: MusicForSteem🎵

Thank you @steemingcurators and @steemcurator02 for recognition of our work and for your constant being there for Steemians :)

A big thank you @stef1 and @myskye for the job you have done and also to be the curator with the account @steemcurator08.
I do not think everyone understands what is behind doing such a great job as you have now done.

I also want to thank you for all the artists who show us great art in our community World of Xpilar.

It is nice to hear such supportive words from you, you know it from your own curation work and know how much time and actually our lives we spend for daily curation. I must say it was worth to do and I am very glad that we were able to give support to those users when it was an opportunity. From now on it is still curation that we will do but without much pressure in our own pace :)

Thank you for all your great curation work over the past 3 months.

The Steemit Team

Excellent healing work done my friend, and very good management report.

Well done, congratulations.

Thank you @adeljose for supporting our work and very nice to hear such warm feedback :)

You have done a fantastic job at curating. Great work and you deserve a well earned break 😊

Thank you @fleur for supportive words, that was like a marathon but we knew that there will be an end and it is now, good at least that it is now after returning from holiday there is much more work planned from my workplace point of view, so that I can concentrate on it better. I hope you are enjoying your summer, I heard form my mother, that it is hot in London, hope the weather is also summer like in Cambridge :)

I Love this piece of art work . The colourful artistry blended with pure life scenes. Wow this is good

Thank you for stopping by and thank you for your nice words :)

You do amazing stuff here on the blockchain :) My good thoughts and best vibes are with you :) Art ON!


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Thank you Damian for nice comment that makes us happy :)

The pleasure is all mine!

You did a great job supporting a lot of talented users. You do a good job identifying plagiarism and with your contest you help keep steem activity constant. we wish you all success.

Thank you @theunion for stopping by and for your appreciation, we will keep doing what we started and hope that people will stay too but as you know it is difficult to keep the people if they do not feel enough support, people usually look for the better place for them, I can understand it very well and will not blame if some will do so.

Wow... I'm so glad to have been featured on such a list. Thank you so much @stef1, and there'll surely be more to display around here. Thanks once again.

Thank you @tezzmax for leaving such lovely comment, you were one of the discovery for us, so that we were glad to include you among others :)

Thanks. I'm so happy to hear that.

Добрый день!, хотела бы уточнить, что @mister-omortson профессиональный художник и архитектор

Мы отображаем информацию которая доступна на Стиме или в линках

Thank you for all the amazing hard work you have put in curating fellow artists and also making sure there is no plagiarism. You deserve a well earned break :)

Thank you Ian for your nice supportive words. it was our pleasure to do curation and of course it is completely different feeling when we are not under pressure, I am glad that this is happen during our holiday so that we can enjoy our free days :)

Oh gosh I have missed this. We have a lot of talented artists and painters in the Philippines. I hope you would still continue the curation. I will be promoting this to newbies in the Philippines who love arts.

It's really an amazing 3 months and to be honest you did a great job. I know it was tiresome but I believe you took as fun and enjoyed the process. Thank you @stef, @myskye and other @art-venture team.

Oh ! How grateful I am for your attention and support! It is so great when you learn from such talented masters of painting.
In your hands, the brush is like a magic wand that allows you to write miracles. With awe and great pleasure I follow all the publications of our talented artists!

Thank you very much for organizing very interesting contests and curating our posts! It's expensive!


Congratulations @stef1, your post successfully recieved 5.2302285 TRDO from below listed TRENDO callers:

@lightcaptured earned : 3.486819 TRDO curation

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Hi @stef1 you been doing great effort on gathering lot of artists and giving them the support they never had before on steemit. Thank you for often stop by the discord to highlight some of the artist great work too. I hope you will be still strong supporter of steem and always be with us steem community till the end.

I have been too busy with the Newcomers that I had so little time to visit you and the others here. Now with more steem pod member being added in also some of them are so helpful, I got little bit more time for myself now. Hope you doing great and looking forward to more of your art on Steemit!

Thank you so much guys for all the hard work you’ve done for people like us. It’s not easy for the artists to get noticed, thank you for supporting and inspiring me to become better artist. I wish you all the best, and hope we’ll stay friends here on steemit.