Booming Support Program for WOX: Time to say Good-bye

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Hello my dear Steemians,


Six month ago the Steemit Team started Booming Support Program for Communities and luckily Wox and Visual Art that was running by us were included into the program

I think by now many got used to see @booming accounts under your posts with a little surprise boost of the payout that I am pretty sure made many of you happy and motivated to continue blogging and being active.

Thanks to the Support Program we were able to highlight many great users in WOX and many of them now well known such as:

@serap, @ronthroop, @quentindeschamps, @romanie, @fumansiu, @jorgevandeperre, @o1eh, @petface, @digi-me and many, many others

It is important for new users or the users who are less active because of low attention to their blogs to have such initial support and communication with them that motivates and inspires people and that let's us to discover interesting personalities.

There are many of users who used that and build up their Steem Power and created a circle of friends, but also became noticeable for other curation accounts but there are still people who missed that moment and still there is not big difference in their Steem Power.


Time to say Good-bye


Three days ago the Steemit Team produced a post about the changes that need to be done, as some communities are gone and new came up. With new process there will be new rules and all the details you can find in the post under the link:

As WOX and Visual Art we will not apply this time because we are not meeting the requirements that the Steemit Team set up for Applications:


Although we are meeting majority of the requirements but not the last one. That is a reason why we decided to let our COmmunity know that once the Application process is finished and new Communities are chosen for Booming Program WOX will not have the right to nominate for @booming support.


Thank you words


I would like to thank the Steemit Team for such great Program and of course the people behind the @booming accounts, especially Joanna, who was a contact person for that. It was my pleasure to work with Joanna for last 6 months and she was very efficient in responding any queries and was there with her support.

For our users I can only recommend:

  • if you would like to be seen, then be active, comment, take part in the activities that is organized by the Steemit team and not just wait till you are seen by Curators

  • it is not easy to reach a high Steem Power if you decided to do it via blogging

  • if you want to reach high Steem Power fast, then buy Steem and Power Up

I hope you all will make a decision for yourself and whatever it is I wish you Good Luck!

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First of all, I want to thank you @stef1 for the great work you have done for booming support users

A chapter is now over for us regarding the booming support of our users in wox. We'll see what the future brings, maybe WOX will come with its own booming support with @stef1 if she wants to manage this

Hi @xpilar, I absolutely agree with you, like we say often we all have to rely on our own strength and not to wait and expect that others will come and give us a hand. Let's go forward and see what we can do, there is always new ways and so far I know you, you definitely have some ideas already :)

I certainly appreciate the support I have periodically received, so thank you for that.

I suppose all we can do is continue forward and do the best we can to support each other as a community. Sadly, my vote is not worth a whole lot anymore... but I shall continue forward, building slowly.

In the meantime, thank you for all your hard work @stef1!

Agree, he has been a big motivation. Thank you @stef1 and for the mention 😃👍

Welcome, I am glad that recently you became more active and involved in communicating with our member. We have many great users and many of them happy to exchange comments :)


Thank you @denmarkguy, it was a pleasure to give you support with nomination,we will be happy to have you around and to support with out trial. Important thing is that we shall remain active and chat to each other that is something that unites a community and not only Upvotes.

I occasionally go in search of some posts with rather low rewards and distribute UPVOTEs to encourage these users to keep writing. I know my UPVOTE doesn't have that much power, but I still think it's good for something

Thank you for your comment Stefano, it is always nice to see you around. By now I saw you under many posts and really in different communities. I like the why you act and that you always leave a comment, that is making you noticeable for others despite of the Upvote you give.

Thanks for this wonderful comment. I really enjoy interacting with other Steemit users, plus I always learn and see new things

You all always did your best for us :) The boomings were very motivating, we are able to stay active and be visible. And we made a circle of friends. Thank you and the entire WOX family for all your support. I will continue to write and communicate :)

Thank you @serap it is nice to have such feeling of giving many people a place to feel welcomed. As you probably noticed our Boss is already thinking what we can do to keep our members interested and active. But from users point of view we would be glad to have our core users as active as they currently are.

It was good while it lasted :)

Yes, you are right, anything has a beginning and an end :)

Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.

I want to thank all the support and curation you have done over the past. I will try to keep up the sharing content I enjoy to give visibility when I can spend more time... Best wishes!

Thank you Romanie, we still be around there and hopefully will find other ways to support our community members. As to your blog it is really extra-ordinary and many users discovered you for themselves and that is something that we love to do to give people opportunity to learn each other and find friends :)

How sad it is to say goodbye! but something better always comes. Thanks to the community for all the support, you guys are a wonderful team.

It was good time but we will hope something else will come up :)

It's sad, but the world is such that everything is constantly changing and you have to be ready for everything. As they say, when one door closes, another opens.
Thanks @stef1

Yes, we knew that this is not forever but we are lucky to be able to nominate the users for 6 months :)

Sad news, it only remains to thank the magnificent use that you have managed to make with the booming support. I'm sure that something new and maybe better will come with you in the future.

Yes, I also agree with you, time for something new and who knows hopefully better :)

Greetings from Canada where I am on a family holiday. Thank you ever so much for all the booming treats @stef1 You were the one who noticed me here in WOX last year in May and made me stick around and grow my account. I see that the value of Steem started to increase slightly so I do hope that this will continue. Cheers and see you around here.