740 Euro was sent from "Crowdfunding Donation" sent to "RTL: Wir helfen Kindern"

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Hello dear Steemians,


Today we wanted to share with you what happened to all the Steem, SBD and TRX that we have collected from Crowdfunding Project and where that all has gone.

Conversion of Donation into Euro

As we have mentioned before we had to convert the Donation into one of the Currency and we have chosen Euro. Therefore it was following result:

  • Steem: 720 Exchange rate to Euro on 27/03: 0,3581 =257,832 Euro
  • SBD: 104,04 Exchange rate to Euro on 27/03: 4,25 =442,17 Euro
  • TRX: 500 Exchange rate to Euro on 27/03: 0,0607 =30,35 Euro

Sum =730,352 Euro

To round it up we have added some more our own Euro up to 740,00 Euro

Final Total =740,00 Euro

Charity Project "RTL: Wir helfen Kindern"

When looking for the Charity organization, we wanted to donate to the most vulnerable, to Children who suffered most from War. The Children who instead of having Freedom and Safety had to leave their homes and many of them lost families, their life will never be again the same. RTL is one of the well known German TV channels that is why it became our choice too.

Here we are attaching two confirmation of our Donation, one was email confirmation that was sent to us as Receipt of money transfer. Another one is Confirmation from Paypal.






We would like to thank Everyone who took part in the Crowdfunding and join us to Donate the Steem, SBD, TRX to Children in need



CURATION TRAIL @worldofxpilar




Trenner groß.png



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It is very valuable that you lead to this beautiful result. It is very nice that the donation will go to the children. Many thanks to you and everyone who contributed :)

A great blessing for our brothers from Ukraine. Thanks for the initiative.

wonderful! Thank you so much for organising this!

God bless you greatly 🙏🏼💙

Thank you Stefany :)

what are you doing I totally agree stef 1 .

Thank you for supporting our action :)

Happy to hear this news. I hope it has been somewhat helpful for children affected by the war. We thank you

Thank you for your supportive words, hope that contribution will help many children in need :)

Esta es una gran labor gracias a todos los que contribuyeron. Bendiciones

Thank you too for your participation :)

This is great news

Thank you, we were glad to accomplish it, it is not really easy to do all the conversion from one currency to another. It is a shame that such organization do not accept Cryptos :)

Stef, me contenta que la contribución haya llegado. Bendiciones a todos los que dejaron su granito de arena por esta causa. ¡Saludos!

Thank you Alexa for your nice words, we also are glad to be able to close up this big Project :)

Excelente. Dios le bendiga 🙏

Thank you for supportive words :)

Thank you very much for the initiative.

Thank you Xavier for participation and your contribution :)

What a great way to help war impact children, keep it up @stef1. your work is amazing...

Thank you for supportive words :)

great news and a very noble deed I totally agree with your work.

Excellent work, it really is necessary to do it, the children are suffering, their children passed over them, they have to be men and women ahead of time because of the war, God give life and health to all those involved for this donation, I always say that together we are more, successes and blessings. Thank you for giving joy in another way.