Moving Forward .

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As the image says , Moving forward is an amazing thing , i normally browse pixabay for interesting images and this one caught me as i am a star here LOL , (A positive person for some peoples and negative persons for few peoples / 2 talking precisely ) , But lets not waste any time with these nonsense and move forward on what we normally do , GROW .

After all these fuss i see that more than 100 peoples have joined steem auto since i last checked few days ago when it was 4350 3 days back , the number of users has reached 4433 , using Automation everyday . Amazing !!

I have this amazing feeling that 2 dogs barking at the street will never stop an elephant to go to its destination , and i have seen it many times in the streets of Kathmandu , a lot of dogs bark , but the elephant never stops .

So lets move on with three things

  1. lets grow together
  2. Lets make money
  3. Lets help each other
  4. Ignore the barking dogs .

The below image is from pixabay and is free to use



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I actually like this
lets grow together
Lets make money
Lets help each other

Yeah ..let's grow together

We Win Together

I love the last statement "ignore the barking dogs "
It is really a fact for success.
Kudos dear

kudos -- Yes the key to growth is ignoring the barking dogs

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The Death of Steemit's Curation Trails

The Death of Steemit's Curation Trails

I see you got a good vote on that post

in hive if you need votes you thrash steem blockchain whereas in steem italy community thrash steem-supporter to get votes ... nice

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Yep. Sometimes I also move backward, the other time i turn around so I can keep on moving forward. Best wishes, @steem-supporter.

i really interested and appreciate to this story.