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After we spawned the voting bot @bidvote we have seen many people using it already and with a total of 75K steem Power we are limited to votes we make .

I would like to invite more peoples to delegate SP to this bot so that we can process more votes . Currently as per our Study the bot guarantees upto 15% profit on all bids and sometimes can grow up to 70% profits depending on the vids it has received .

This is an amazing growth .

Calling all Community members on this World of Xpilar community to Use this bot for better visibility on your posts and Delegate some Steem Power as well so that we can grow together . Delegated Steem Power is catch by the bot automatically and daily dividends shall be sent to delegators

We Win Together

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I want to try. Then what is the minimum SP delegation I can give?

there is no minimum SP , the bot captures any incoming SP delegation and payout Dividends , you can even delegate as low as 1 SP , but that will not make much difference .See how much you can delegate .. thanks for your interest

Does this bot work in other communities as well

yes , you can buy votes for any communities

Minimum amount to buy votes

0.5 sbd / 1 steem

In 10 steem you give me 5$ vote or what

send 8 steem max -- for that percent of vote

Hello @steem-supporter, please I want to be clarified. If I send 20 steem, how many $$ will I be voted??

20 steem is not accepted by the bot .
100% upvote is around 8 steem .
Try sending 8 steem to the bot

So big friend, @steem-supporter, if I send the steem to the @steem-supporter account, will I be voted in post I make even in another community or post only in World of Xpilar community?

Don't send any funds to my account
To buy votes send funds to @bidvote with your post url in the memo field .
And yes any community posts are welcomed

Okay I understand better.

try the bot ..its amazing .. also delegate SP to bot if you want to earn steem as a passive income everyday

Okay.. I'll