Charity Plus Steem -- What a great combination

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Hello 10,000 Members of world of Xpilar , Today you might have read what @xpilar had posted and i also wanted to put some light in It.

@Xpilar has crafted and created this new account @wox-helpfund to help charities for humanitarian causes . As you guys now pretty well know that its already been few days we are running a bidding based bot which actually sells upvotes , Selling upvotes actually is a bigger thing which has been largely discussed in the steem communities either they should exist or not. My personal opinion is that they should but with some rules , Unlike other bots currently active on steem our bidvote does not promotes spams but refund any bids from users that are blacklisted , And also gives you a chance to promote your post . @bidvote is also actively participating in eliminating spams as the power gives it to .

This charity account is controlled by XPILAR and his team and he is welcoming anyone who is willing to be a part of it to decide how those funds are gonna be donated and any suggestions are welcomed .

Now going to the process

@bidvote the account accepts steem and SBD as a bid to get an upvote from that account which is currently equipped with 81K SP and increasing . Delegations are always welcomed and delegators are paid 60% of what the bot makes everyday based on the delegation they have provided . 30% of those funds are then automatically transferred to @wox-helpfund and stays there until a donatable amount is saved . All delegations are also captured by the bot automatically and the payments are processed form Next day .

How can you become a part of this effort ?

Well its very simple to become part of this initiative

  1. Delegate SP to the BOT - Enjoy daily rewards for yourself as well as help to fund the charity account Daily
  2. Buy votes from this bot to promote your post , get a better ROI , help fund the charity account Daily

To delegate to the bot simply click the below links that are programmed to automatically delegate specific amount of SP to the bot .

25 SP 100 SP 250 SP 1000 SP 1500 SP 2500 SP 3000 SP 4000 SP 5000 SP

However if you want to customize the SP you want to Delegate then you can use either or

Lets become a part of this wonderful Initiative .

5% of this post rewards are going to @wox-helpfund

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