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Allamanda Cathartica

Allamanda Cathartica called Cuban Jasmine, Yellow Trumpet or Butter Flower, is a plant species native to Brazil.

The whole plant contains a caustic white latex. The leaves contain esterified triterpenes, pluméricin, isopimericin, ursolic acid, β-amyrin and β-sitosterol. The roots contain iridoid lactones (allamandin and allandin allamandycin) and triterpenic lactones (fluvoplumeirin, pluméricin etc.). The flower contains flavonoids (quercetin and kaempferol).

It is used to form spectacular, colorful hedges and beautiful bright yellow flowers. The smell it gives off is fruity and delicate. The plant does not tolerate shade, frost, or dirty or alkaline soil. Aside from these restrictions, it is a hardy plant that will grow quickly in the right conditions. By cutting it, it takes even more strength.

In Colombia, latex is used as an emetic and vermifuge. In Cuba, the infusion of the leaf has been used as an emetic and purgative. The whole plant causes skin irritation and is caustic to the eyes. Ingestion causes nausea, vomiting, and dryness. The extract of roots and leaves causes hypotension. The aqueous extract facilitates wound healing.

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DateDecember 07, 2021

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