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Achieving a nice and defined curl can be very tedious and complicated. Like many women with straight hair or often for hours of straightening or conditioning to make their hair beautiful.

Textured hair is divided into three; wavy, curly and afro, which are in no way synonymous because they have particular characteristics.

Wavy hair has a shape similar to the distanced waves of the sea that are also known as background waves, like those seen in the middle of the afternoon.


Curly hair can form spirals and others a great resemblance to restless waves that come out one after the other, known as wind waves.

In both cases it is noticeable when the hair is still wet.

In contrast, Afro hair bears no resemblance to any wave; its kinship is more inclined to the appearance of a sponge, in fact, when moistened it maintains the same shape as when it is dry, it lends itself to cuts and hairstyles that no eye could fail to appreciate.


LocationCiudad Bolívar, Bolívar, Venezuela
ModelItaly Lunar
DateMay 10, 2022
Source ConsultedEl Cabello Rizado



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Hello, wuao, me encanta mucho tu fotografía, si tienes razón hay veces que es complicado embellecer el cabello para que adopte una forma y que se mantenga.

Muy buenos datos sobre el cabello, si tienes razón estos tres tipos de cabellos tienen sus diferencias.

Sayōnara 👋😄.

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Thank for your support 😁

I have a problem at home, the youngest girl has it curly, the oldest straight, they both want to change, it's always a problem, my little girl looks beautiful, she has it very clear and long, she likes to show off!

Beautiful model you have for your photography!


Wow... yes, that is a problem! At home, my daughter and I have wavy hair. The advantage is that if we want it smooth or wavy, it is beautiful. My model is one of my students. I love her curls.