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The nakedness of the body is similar to loneliness, you are exposed to the world in a helpless way.


It is feeling small within a society that points at you, watches you, criticizes you, but is unable to approach and investigate what you think and feel.

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LocationUrb. Los Olivos, Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela


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Location: https://what3words.com/dotar.costará.invitar

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Hugs in light for all

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This is a great photo and symbolism. The elevation that you took the picture from and the fetal position that you're in is really cool and original.

Yes, it is wonderful. The main idea of the photographer was to symbolize the chaos of our mind in times of crisis... the scene came out very quickly. We were connected with the intention and the purpose was achieved. Thanks for your support

Hola querida amiga, vaya, una publicación hermosa, creo que tienes mucha razón, existen personas que se sienten de esa manera y que mal que esto aún suceda en este mundo. Saludos y gracias por compartirlo!!

Asi es amiga... es más común de lo que parece. Todos en algún momento nos hemos sentido de esa manera. La grandeza está en resistir, renovar nuestra autoestima y seguir adelante.

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