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Hello everyone, friends of the WOX community!

This morning when I was leaving home I found this painted truck.


It looked very familiar to me, as it was one of the trucks painted at the ART ON TRUCKS graffiti festival held in Ibiza last March.


I was at the graffiti event with my family, as during the weekend the graffiti artists did workshops for the kids, cap painting, breakdance, rap...



I met some of the aerosol artists, this is the amazing work of SUNE:




SUNE told us that he normally paints letters, in the purest street style, but this time he was asked to create something different.

This is some of his works that I found around the city. I think I have identified... on many occasions it is difficult to know who signs.



Another spray artist who visited us was YUBIA, born in Bilbao and based in Barcelona. I love her fun and naive style.




And this is the nice Fossi Flyer with his creation.


He usually paints skulls, you can find them all over the city. They are amazing in my opinion.

Graffitis Can Canto 008.jpg



It took him the whole weekend to paint the truck.



12 artists took part in the ART ON TRUCKS festival, today I only wanted to show you the work of three of them so as not to tire you...!

Some people still think that graffiti is not art, but vandalism. Vandalism is painting a scribble on the wall of a neighbour you don't like. Or to mispaint on a beautiful graffiti.

These and many other graffiti fill our sometimes grey cities with art.

And they make me smile every time I see one of these trucks circulating in the middle of the chaos that Ibiza's roads become every summer.

All images are taken by me.
All rights reserved.



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Thanks @stef1!

Wow this is really beautiful graffiti are hard to come by in my country and I so much love it. I think I would try it out when I'm done with charcoal and paints. Lovely post my friend I love the details and the images are Amazing.

Thank you very much @ezuntimmy for your comment, I'm glad you like the post and the graffiti, I saw that you make wonderful works.

I try my best but I believe I could do better. So try my best to do more and try anything I could to improve.

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