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Hello to all friends of the WOX community, I hope you are having a great summer.

Walking around my neighbourhood, a coastal, stony and windy area at St Antoni, Ibiza, you can see that despite these extreme conditions, there is an abundance of plants and flowers to be found at this time of the year.

All of them are plants adapted to the saline environment.

Thanks to the memories of when I studied botany, my favourite subject at the Faculty of Science, I have managed to identify many of the species.

. Meadow of Crithum maritimum L. - "Fonoll mari" - Sea Fennel

The fonoll mari is very abundant on the island of Ibiza and is used in gastronomy.


. Mesembryanthemum crystallinum L. "Herba gelada"

It is a very beautiful plant that comes from Africa and the Canary Islands. In the past it was used to make caustic soda.



. Arthrocnemuum macrostachyum- "Solsera"



. Plantago coronopus L. - "Estrellamar", with the green lighthouse on the background.



As you can see, it seems incredible that a living being can grow in such extreme conditions.

. Lotus creticus L. "Cuernecillo de mar"

This little plant produces yellow flowers, but it is not yet in its flowering season.


This area is my little oasis - as a good biologist freak- of observation and tranquillity in my neighbourhood, as just around the corner you see other, stranger species that visit us in summer.



All images were taken by me.
All rights reserved.


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What exciting plants!!

Yes, thanks for comment!

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Thanks so much for your support!

Un mismo lugar puede parecer otro totalmente dependiendo en lo que uno se esté fijando, gracias por mostrar esta parte !

Si, si le pierdo el miedo a los guiris dedicaré otro post al carrer de Es Caló. Es bastante Martin Parr.

They look like plants that are able to live in arid soils. I know that you in Spain know how to manage water well, we in Italy will have to learn how to do it. This year in Italy we are suffering from drought

En España también hay sequía, en Ibiza llueve muy poco y el agua es muy salina. No es recomendable beber agua del grifo por su dureza.

Yes, nature has far more adaptable life to offer than us little humans!

Ja, die Natur hat weitaus anpassungsfähigeres Leben zu bieten als uns Menschlein!

...and despite humans it blooms.
Thanks for comment.

Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.

¡Qué magnífico reportaje @silviadiez!

No me imaginaba que en un paseo por la costa de Sant Antoni, se pudieran encontrar tal variedad de flora, incluido ese caballito de mar procedencia incierta, aunque probablemente proceda de las costas de Shenzen o alrededros.

Súper. Gracias por tenernos informados.

Muchas gracias! su procedencia la desconozco, su destino...el abandono en la playa Pinet o en una piscina de algún hotel en San Antonio, yaciendo medio desinflado. Me está dando pena...

Hi Silvia, the plants are really different from those we have here and look very exotic. The nature is interesting has everything for every climate, the photos are beautiful :)

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It's amazing how they can grow in these conditions. On the other hand, sometimes the ones we have at home don't even grow with fertiliser!

Thanks @stef1.

Some of those plants are beautiful! What’s the temp there now?

Hello! 30- 35 C...😅