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Hi Dear Friends, many artists around the world react to the war with their drawings. I think art has a great impact on raising awareness. As art draws attention to current problems and social crises, it unites with the public and becomes stronger. Art is soft power. It is more effective and striking than a weapon and harsh words. Anti-war artworks are made all over the world. I will share the ones I chose.

A street artist drew a drawing of the Ukrainian war to her painting on the Berlin Wall. The Berlin Wall is also quite remarkable in terms of its meaning.

Source 1

This image was taken from the air in Idlib, Syria. Syrian artists painted to protest the war in Ukraine. This message coming from a country that has suffered great destruction from the war is very striking and meaningful.

Source 6

Street artist My Dog Sighs painted this mural in Cardiff, the capital of Wales. And he said:

"I can't pick up arms, I do not have influence apart from using my art to make people stop and think, which is what art is for. If I can show some support to those in Ukraine and show the feelings people are having here, then that is my little contribution."

In this area where 300 people gathered, the artist said "The tear speaks for itself. A horrid, horrid situation".

Source 2

Apart from murals, we also see anti-war works of sand artists. Indian sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik made this work on the Puri beach to draw attention to the Russia-Ukraine War.

Source 3

In this painting by artist Eme Freethinker in Berlin, two Russian and Ukrainian girls are hugging each other. Innocent children are the things that the war does the most damage to. It is the traumas they have experienced and the anxious future that awaits them.

Source 4

This work by Gregos in Paris also points to peace. In the modern design applied by placing it on the wall, it is seen that a sad man with the colors of the Ukrainian flag is on the side of peace.

Source 5

In Indonesia, artist Tutu made this mural. The artist said that if we do not end the war, the war will end us. In this mural, the pin of the bomb gives a deep message as symbolized by peace.

Source 5

Sef showed his reaction to the war in his mural painting in California. He announced this work, which he said he had done in a very short time, with the name of peace.

Source 5

Justus Becker's painting on the wall of a house in Frankfurt focuses on the white dove, the symbol of peace. The white dove is shown in all its majesty and purity in this wall painting with a black background.

Source 6

Laika drew this mural giving a message of peace in Italy. Ukraine and Russia flags are also shown on this mural, which also includes the white dove, the symbol of peace.

Source 5

Art will continue to draw attention to wars, suffering and social issues. I wish the war to be a thing of the past. My wish is a world full of peace and tranquility.

Thank you for visiting my post 🖤

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Thank you for sharing this collection from around the world, it is true speaking the language of Art everybody can understand without words.

Thank you for your comment stef1. I totally agree with you that art is the universal language of the world.

Everybody vibing on the same mood to stop war nobody wants war anymore we shouldn't be living in war, we are on the 21st century we should speak, we should dialogue eand the most important thing we should think of our children

I totally agree with you. There should have been other things we needed to talk about for the 21st century. I hope the war will be out of our agenda as soon as possible.


...Did you make the Photos? I just posted my part of this wall in Berlin next to my friend Eme Freethinker :)

Have a good time!

Wow, wonderful news :)) It is great to hear that :)) I'm going to look at your post. By the way, I didn't take the photos, I got them online.

In essence, it is less relevant if Russia and Ukraine, who are brothers and neighbors, are enemies of each other. It seems that Vladimir Putin is no longer able to contain his passions and anger, wiping out Ukraine from the earth's surface.

The people do not have problems with each other, unfortunately, the politicians cause problems and the results give trouble to the public. It's really sad :(

Te felicito por la colección de arte, estoy total mente de acuerdo contigo ya no más guerra, más diálogo y cooperación entre todo y en paz.

I hope the day when the war ends will come as soon as possible. Thank you for your nice comment :)

Yo tan bien espero que esto termine pronto, lo que debe aver es competencia del gobernante que le de todo lo necesario a sus habitantes para que sean felices, libres y vivan en paz dentro y fuera de sus países, yo sé que en steemit no debemos hablar de política, pero eso que acabo de escribir es una de las cosas que más deseo, que tengas un lindo dia.

I hope your wishes come true. The most urgent thing humanity needs is peace.

Great write up and good images @serap.