Weekly Contest, "Creating Short Story Week #12." /Weekly Contest, "Creating Short Story Week #12".

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Greetings to everyone in the community. I hope we are all doing well? It is yet another week of creating a short story. It's always a pleasure being part of this community. I also want to share my real story to you.


That Night

Last year in December, I went to a friend's of mine house. I went there around 8pm in the evening. As old friends,we had a long chat until it was late(11 pm). So my friend asked me to spend the night with him,but I decided to go because I told my lovely mom that I will be back so I don't want to worry her. On my way home,I heard a some noise,it was a woman voice, I was so scared,but I decided not to turn my back. Again,I heard my name. I looked around I could not find the person calling me. At that point,I was like am dead, I increased the stairs of my walking,I again heard a footsteps following me,but then I was close to my house,I was thinking of running.
I asked myself what if I made an attempt and fall,hmm, what night in my life. But I was left with no choice than to ran to my house. I have never been scared in my life like that.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my story I hope you enjoy reading it.

Thank you.

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Greetings friend @salifumohammed

Unsettling experience back on the way home, where you could feel you were being followed by a strange presence.

Thank you for your entry to the contest.

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Debió ser algo muy estremecedor, gracias que pudiese llegar bien a casa, pasan cosas extrañas a esas horas. Saludos