Mulyaka Sings His Yoga Song

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I’m the Guy on the Bottom 2017. Acrylic on canvas, 18 x 24"

Here is a love song for Steemit about my ignorance of yoga:

Stiff Yogi, 2021

A G D A E F#minor A

Systems breaking down after a year inside
You work in a closet and I abide
Air feels like lead
I’m a bore

I don’t do yoga, it’s been commercialized
It dots the T’s and crosses the eyes
We buy yoga mats at the dollar store

Take your pants off and lie on the floor

Bile yellow and steely gray
It’s how I feel almost everyday
But you’re like the dawn
always promising more

You salute to the sun in a stale room
and I shavasana like a pale moon
a dead weight with an iron core

Take your pants off and lie on the floor

The cat’s all static, furnace blows cold air
You chew on ice and I don’t care
I’ll press your third eye till there is no more

If it will take you to homeostatsis
I could think of so many worse places
that people kill time going for

Take your pants off and lie on the floor

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Good job friend! The drawing is so nice

Oh thank you very much!

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Wonderful, thank you!

The painting's actually really great. And has deeper meaning. 🤔

Oh thank you!
Lots of meaning, of course. And a story that helped me a great deal in my youth. Thank you!

Thanks for sharing your painting with us. This is wonderful.

Of course. Love to exhibit:)
Thank you very much!

You are so creative my friend. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you! But it’s both a blessing and a curse:)

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Thank you:)


Otra vez, gracias:)

It has lot of meaning beautiful 😍

Thank you.