I’m in a Cat Show, Meow!

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Yvonne Had No Clue the Stalker Was Near 2017. Acrylic on canvas, 18 x 24"

I’m in a Stuckist cat exhibition online. Some lucky painters got to show their work at the Ninth Life Pub in Catford (SE London), however it was short notice, so a few of us “internationals” settled happily for online:)



While there you can check out previous Stuckats exhibitions.

Thanks for the visit, purrrrr purr.

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I loooove this posterrrrr! purrrr!

Don Guy is a tireless cat painter!
He’s been doing these shows for several years:)

as a "crazy cat lady" I'm starting to check out right away😸😻

I like its colors and its shape, simple but well defined.

Thank you. Sometimes a balance is struck:)

I love it!! So lovely. Thanks for sharing 💙💙

Everyone loves cats!:)