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Dear Steemians!
I have been quite quiet this week because I have been overrun with work.
But! I´d love to show you the new Calendar 2022 that I have just had made.
I use a local printer so that I can control the quality of the paper and the colour. My husband Jason is the designer for this. He is good with the graphics and helped me create it.
So, we have used a nice solid paper (recycled) of 200g. Each piece is 23x32cm.
Here are some images of when we went to the printers to collect them after the colour trial went well.



While we were there I was also getting the posters done for my exhibition:



Anyway, I´d like to show you what the Calendars contain and if you are interested in getting one you can always contact me though my page and I do send them to other countries. Next week I´m sending a couple off to California, another three to England and one to Italy. Each one costs 20e.

Here are the images of the Calendar.

Portada y contra calendario 2022.jpg

enero 2022.jpg

febrero 2022.jpg

marzo 2022.jpg

abril 2022.jpg

mayo 2022.jpg

junio 2022.jpg

julio 2022.jpg

agosto 2022.jpg

septiembre 2022.jpg

octubre 2022.jpg

noviembre 2022.jpg

diciembre 2022.jpg

This extra page was necessary to make the calendar fit the pages, so Jason designed a variety of other projects I´m doing or offer.
paginas interiores.jpg

I hope you enjoyed this and that if you are an artist you might think this is a good idea to do. Many people who love my art can´t afford some of the pieces and this is a way of getting 12 prints that after the you use it for the year you can frame them.

Best Wishes,

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It looks awesome, congrats!
I haven't made any calendars since 2017. Back then I decided I am not going to sell it, a half of the issues I gave to my most valuable clients and the other half I used for charity. One client of mine (a chain of dental surgeries) put a huge smile on my face as few months later they sent me photos of the walls from their offices with the framed parts of the calendar :)

It´s not for the business in my case. Making Calendars in this way just covers costs but it´s a way for people to see the art in different ways. Thanks for checking this post out! best wishes!

Exactly, I had the same idea as well, bring my visuals to more people and perhaps make some of their days a bit better :)

Bests to you too :)

The illustrations of your calendar are as exciting as the uncertainty and hope of a new year. It's good that you shared the printing stages of the calendar. You had good teamwork with your husband :) I really liked your drawings and the color choices 😊🌸

Thank you @serap. I´m happy you enjoyed the paintings! :-)

You are welcome :)

So beautiful - I’m very tempted to swap it for our family planner! 😍

What is your family planner? I might be interested in swapping! :-)

In one of the pictures there is a clue as to which printer you have used. It might be an idea to offer a calendar to whoever guesses first ;-)

hahah! are you making a suggestion to get a "free calendar" ? haahahah! maybe you are the only one in Steemit who can guess it.

Right! So I declare myself ineligible for such an award if you were to offer it.

I think I´ll pass on that suggestion ! ;-)

¡Felicitaciones! Es un bello trabajo.

Muchísimas gracias! Saludos!

very beautiful work my friend. very interesting to enjoy

Thank you ! very happy you enjoyed them!

Amazing images

Thank you!

I wish a year would have more then 12 months, so we could get to see even more wonderful works of art by @romanie.

haha! That is sweet of you! I´m happy you like them!

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Thank you so much! How fortunate!

hola Sra Romanie me gusto mucho sus obras, mi papa es artista plastico tambien , le mostrare a el sus obras, en cuanto pueda colocare en mis publicaciones alguna obra de el, saludos abrazos desde Venezuela

Muchas gracias! Con ganas de ver la obras de tu padre! Saludos !

Hi Romanie, the calendars are beautiful, they look beautiful we love them. We may order few as presents for X-mas time. I will get in touch via email :)

Wonderful! I´m happy you like them!