ALARBREN. Can you describe him?/ Lo sabrías describir? . Ibiza 2022 (ING/ESP)

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Hi Steemians,
I want to introduce you to one of the seven characters that I have created for my project-book The Serendava. A book I have been working on since Autumn 2019.
You can see a bit about it on this previous post.

Its taking a long time to get all the parts ready, but today I wanted to share with you this character. I will not say what it´s like. If anyone wants to comment a small description of the main traits that he look like he might show, then I can see if I´m right.
I have already run this test though my old art students and I loved the responses.

I just yesterday painted its back part.

Hola Steemians,
Quiero presentaros a uno de los siete personajes que he creado para mi proyecto-libro La Serendava. Un libro en el que estoy trabajando desde otoño de 2019.
Podéis ver un poco sobre él en este post anterior.

Está tardando en tener todas las piezas listas, pero hoy quería compartir con vosotros este personaje. No voy a decir cómo es. Si alguien quiere comentar una pequeña descripción de los principales rasgos que parece que podría mostrar, entonces puedo ver si estoy en lo cierto.
Ya he hecho esta prueba con mis antiguos alumnos de arte y me han encantado las respuestas.

Ayer mismo pinté su parte trasera.


I hope you feel like participating. espero que querráis participar

Best Wishes to you all!
Saludos a todos!

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His horns looks dangerous

but do you think he looks dangerous?

No I think he's kind hearted

ok! thank you! :-)

He’s from the Hobbit’s world! One of those in the Lord of the Ring!

what would you say was his main characteristic in his personality?

He tries hard to be likable but people just wouldn’t trust him. It’s his bloodline connection which made him very moody and changeable. He could be funny but he is full of conflicts himself. He wished he could be someone else with simple character. He wondered why he had limitations and conditions. He would like to be free in the end.

wonderful description, thank you so much. I´m happy to see the illustration in this case is very descriptive because you "read" it in the image. Great!

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Thank you so much for the nomination! Best wishes!

Who do I see in the picture? I see a fairy-tale character, maybe it's the spirit of the forest, he is friendly and funny, but at the same time he has the strength to protect, because if he changed his smile to an expression of anger, it would be very scary. This is definitely a magical creature who is trying to help, for example, someone who got lost in the woods.

Thank you @o1eh for brining your view here! I enjoy listening to what others see, like you. :-)