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Photo of the day :)

beautiful purple flower

Hi guys
My today's photography is of purple colored flowers. I have taken this photo from the nursery. A few days ago I went to the nursery to buy plants, then I saw this plant on which there were very beautiful purple flowers, I found these flowers very beautiful, I took their photos.I bought a lot of flowering plants from there; I wanted to buy this plant too so I asked the owner of the nursery for its price. He told me its price ₹ 300, I found it expensive, The rest of the flowering plants that I bought were 20-20 rupees.That's why I could not buy this plant for ₹ 300 but I had taken these photo of it. which I have brought in my post today.




Photos captured by@reetuahlawat
Camera DeviceRedmi 9A Rear Camera 13MP
CategoryPhotography, Flowers, Beauty of Nature
EditedCaptured one
I hope you like this. Thanks for visiting my posta.jpg
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