The diary game: Episode 2 season one

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Hello my powerful steemian friends, it is your one and only colleague again @raymondpeter. It is my wish to share with you fun which I have catched during the Osun Osogbo's festival. And this celebration made people from in and out Nigeria meet again because many people used to have leisure whenever the programme take place in the town. Sons and daughter of goddess of water must come from near and far places even overseas country to worship and partake in the event, of which during the festival periods they will say their own prayers and make their request at the same time to the goddess of water with hope that whatever they request will come their way. Especially barren women used to come during the festival time and make request for the pregnancy and fetch the river's water for the purpose of drinking and taking bath by making use of that water with the intention of having a child after nine months.
However, the following images are the evidence that the programme really take place in Nigeria 🇳🇬 👇

This is female king

This is one son of the goddess on the motion during celebration 🎈

This is eyo's masquerade performed during the festival

This is the evidence of water people are coming to fetch from all over the world

This is the Oduduwa's statue

This indicates that Son and daughters of Oodu must partake in the programme through out the world 🌎
I hope you like my post. Your encouragement is very important by vote for me @raymondpeter
Thank you for viewing my blog
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