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It is beautiful to live near water because of fresh breathing and many things in which one can benefits from it such as:


  • Plant enjoy flourish easily: living where plant can germinate easily is good because there are many things which one can be derived by living very close to tree and water. However, plants are producing what we are breathing in and we human being also producing what plants are also breath in at the same time.


Pencil drawing of plant and human being just to demonstrate what am trying to say.

  • Fresh Air: one of the advantages in which one can also derive by living or playing beside water is breathing of fresh air which comes direct from water. Air exposed to water, especially sea water and is charged with a good amount of negative ions, fresh air helps human being body to absorb oxygen. The reason we need fresh air is when we are experiencing difficult time. Fresh air is the best solution and a healthy that one can go for, and it is good for mind, body and soul.

  • By living near water you will enjoy your sleep. Exposure to water is also known to relax both mind and body, you cannot compare it with anything. By living close to water on a regular basic improves health!

  • You will experience comfort: living or playing beside water, you will be the happiest person for that period that is to say, you will be comfortable and feel with joy. Even it is a way to relieve from stress and focus on the next achievement, because successful person never put a full stop, but rather he can only apply comma.

  • Walking or playing along beach: walking along beach it is a way of getting a moderate amount of leisure time. It increases life span of human being.

Almost 60% of the human adult body is water.
From brain 》》》 heart 》》》 skin 》》》 muscles 》》》kidneys 》》》 Lungs 》》》bones are water.
Therefore, water is life. Without water there is nothing we can call human being.

It is a symbol of strong. By sitting /playing on the rock during the holiday period, you can relax on the rock, and you be feeling at home, in fact sitting on it while facing difficult situations you will definitely find a way out of that thing. Apart from fresh breathing, you will still enjoy yourself. If you are fasting, go to mountain and say your prayer there, God will answer your prayer speedily. On the surface of the rock it is a place where you can communicate with God without being disturbed, because powerful healing will come out of the rock, you will be relieve from tension.

The image above show a man who is praying to God on surface of the rock by the river side ☝

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Thank you @raymondpeter for your enlightening story

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