Back in Time!

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Last week 1 of my good friends sent these 2 pictures. At first I looked at the first photo and doesn't get any better.
Since my friend has artistic ambitions, I thought this was one of his last works...and I was already thinking about what to say to him without coming across as too hurtful 😉

But then I read what he had written in his message: "I met your parents"
So, I looked at the photo with more attention and yes, unbelievable but true, it was my parents who were painted up there!


I had never seen that painting before and it must have been at least 35 years old, maybe around 40!
Sure enough, when I looked up the name of the artist I remembered that she was a vague acquaintance of my small the world is.

Now, as for her painting skills...I'll leave that up to you. But it's funny to see this only after all these years...

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