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Lulu is a cute stripy cat that looks like a miniature tiger to me. It is very shy and a bit spoiled. But all pets actually are, aren’t they?

Lulu, the cat.

Lulu is a birdwatcher like me. It doesn’t take photographs though. Lulu insists I take the images, so I do.

A chaffinch Fringilla coelebs.

It loves sitting there by the bird feeder waiting for its breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to come to it. But come on Lulu you are not on an all inclusive holiday my dear. I bet you wish you were though which makes two of us.


Lulu has never ever chased a single bird and I am not kidding. However when Lulu is sat out there which is for just a few times a day and for no longer than 10 minutes at a time no bird dares to land on the feeder.

When it is just us out there in the garden even if we are a bit noisy, having guests, the music on, eating and drinking, my feathered friends join us on their separate bird table of course.


I adore the chaffinches who have various colours which surprisingly go well together. A few different shades of brown, blue and even pinkish.

A goldfinch Carduelis carduelis.

The goldfinches are my second favourite species that we see here daily. They tend to arrive one by one but love feeding together. They often even have a fight over the top perching spots with the most dominant bird winning.


Coal, great and blue tits, black birds, thrushes, dunnocks and robins of course, which don’t just make an appearance at Christmas, are also regular visitors.

A coal tit Parus ater.

I do hope that we will have a few baby birds this year too. I even have a brand new bird box to hang out in the garden which I intend to paint some of the British birds on.

I plan to take photos of my #art-venture so you can then let me know how well I did because my resident birds don’t provide me such valuable feedback. Lulu doesn’t either but it is always happy to meet other pets. So I promised to enter one of its photos featured here in @mister-omortson’s weekly contest.

Again I powered up, 51 Steem this time, and below is a screenshot of this important activity. I also hope that more members will follow the lead and continue to invest in their own Steem Power.

Screenshot 2022-03-09 at 21.53.55.png

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The pictures are so good! I love Lulu, it looks like he has his routine and know what is happening around. There are might be always much activities around there bird feeding station :)

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Good morning @stef1 Lulu is pleased that you like its photographs. It is obsessed with the bird feeder. Lulu loves hanging around it, desperately trying to make friends with the birds, I hope.

Lulu and I thank you so much for nominating the post for the booming community support programme. The upvote did follow as usual which I am really grateful for. Now I better start getting ideas for my next article that I will go live with here in the WORLD OF XPILAR.

But come on Lulu you are not on an all inclusive holiday my dear

Are you suggesting that she catch birds? She would have cooked dinner for you, too. 😂

The goldfinches are very beautiful birds! Wow!

Very cool feeders! I especially like it protected so that large birds cannot take food.

Good afternoon @apnigrich Thanks for stopping by. It is fun birdwatching here in WOX together. This way we get to know even more of our feathered friends across the globe. I am really pleased that you like the exotic goldfinches. A pair of goldfinches nested in one of the pear trees in our garden last year. I hope they decide to have their little ones at ours this summer too so I take more photos and show you the baby birds. The feeder is also squirrel proof which helps a lot. I have a very persistent grey squirrel which loves burying monkey nuts in my garden.

I live near the forest. But squirrels don't run into my garden.
Do you even have birds making a nest on a tree in your garden? Amazing! Cool!

these are great bird photos I love them !

What a cute cat!
Love the clear shots of the birds!

Hello dear friend @petface good afternoon
What a beautiful place you have in your house, that place for the bird feeder is really beautiful; I loved all the photographs, even though the one I like the most is where several birds perch at the same time
thank you very much for the great support you have given me
have a beautiful afternoon

Nice to meet Lulu😍. Birds are also great creatures😇. Since I also have birds, I am more interested in them now.