They Both Exist Side by Side, II.

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There is wisdom in waiting things out because it's a sign of faith and wouldn't make you act rashly. Most of the time we have responded too quickly to an issue. We used to think we have got it covered whereas we are being led by our emotions. We allow our emotions to weigh more than carefully understanding the situation. We allow ourselves to be tricked, to act on impulse and then ruin things while trying to fix things. In the story above, the master told them not to remove the weeds because he understood that removing the weeds that early would also damage the wheat since they are still in the stage of growth.


The natural impulse of the servants showed that they would have quickly removed the weeds because of how passionate they were and angry too that someone else planted weeds with the wheat they have planted with their sweat and blood. Often it requires us to take a step back when a situation gets us emotional. It's not surprising when they said that we should never make any decision when we are angry. We should never promise anyone anything when we are too excited either. A lot of people make a long-lasting decision in such a short moment without carefully examining the situation. Most people have made a mess out of situations they should have salvaged.

The trick with life is to wait it out, sometimes. Some situations require urgency and when you are not sure, when you are overwhelmed by your emotions, it's okay to wait it out till you can come up with something else. There is wisdom in knowing when to act and when to wait it out. It's like knowing when you hold on to a lover or when to let go but you've got to carefully examine the situation first before you make the decision and stand by it.

Sometimes, a lot of people try to fix things and they mess things up. It's a set-up, it's a trick and that's what those who are against you would want. Humans would want to get under your skin to force a reaction from you that would make you mess up. When things are going great for you, some elements would want to knock you off your stride. Some would intentionally want to get you angry while others might just do it without even thinking about it. I've made so many rash decisions before too and now I've learnt the importance of waiting things speaking and also in action and I also want to be more deliberate about that from now on.

It's okay to leave it alone... situations that are frustrating you and getting you confused...people you don't understand and just want to complicate things the more. The weed won't change the wheat, that's the truth so we shouldn't allow the actions of others to change who we truly are. The wheat is the wheat and the weed is the weed. Be who you are and allow others to be who they are; vindictive, annoying, bad energy giver and fun spoilers. You can't change who they are too, so don't let them change who you are. Trying to pull the weeds out will ruin the wheat. Trying to fix a confusing situation in the heat of the moment, you might bring crashing down your good momentum. Waiting is also an act of faith...knowing you don't understand it now but you have faith that things would turn out great, soon.

Sometimes you feel you are running out of time and you feel you are expected to do something. Your faith is known through your silence. Impatience has ruined a lot of things. Don't take matters into your own hands, so learn to wait things out.

The last thing I got from that parable is that the harvest cannot be rushed by the need of the planter but the harvest would come. No matter how much you want to harvest what you have planted, you would be subjected to process. Good things take time so don't try to get ahead of yourself.

Don't pull it before the harvest, the master said. We have rushed too many things thinking they are ready but failed to wait them out for the right time. If you pull it out before the harvest you are going to lose everything. You have a lot at stake. The weed is useless but the wheat isn't...risking pulling the wheat would cost more since the weeds are useless anyway, so the weeds have nothing to lose. Who you are matters and you don't have to trivialize it.

We all have that harvest season. What you can't deal with in this season you can deal with it in your next season when the harvest is ripe enough. We have to build character to handle things better because life and humans would test us and if you are not ready, you might crumble.

The lessons were drawn from the parable in the Bible which can be found in Matthew 13:24-30.

Thank you for your time.

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