Part II: Influence of #club5050, #club75 and #club100 on the outflow of money from Steemit

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Hello to everyone who is worried about the development of Steemit (otherwise you would not have come to read this post). First of all, I want to share with you my good news: I became part of the Dolphin Club project! Wow! .. Wait a minute ... Again, Wow! ... Now to the point.

Perhaps some of you have read my previous post. In it, I tried to use statistics to find out whether #club5050, #club75 and #club100 have a positive effect on the outflow of money from Steemit. However, the dependence of the outflow of money is so strongly correlated with the price of STEEM that it is not possible to consider the impact of #club5050, #club75 and #club100 in such a short period.

Under the post I received the following comment from @the-gorilla:


Indeed, it would be interesting to see if the behavior of the authors has changed since the launch of #club5050, #club75 and #club100. But how to do it? I could not find a way to make a complete and comprehensive analysis, so I went the following way.

Methods of collecting statistics

In order for us to see something, I decided to take a sample again. Whether it will be representative is difficult to say, but there is what is. So, I chose the authors who actually received the support of the SC team under #club5050 in the second half of October 2021.

To find these posts, I used @statsexpert data. It publishes a daily list of posts with the highest earnings in various categories. Among them, 99.9% of posts receive support from bots. But if a post gets support from SC01, then it also appears in this list.

I looked through these lists, which are dated the second half of October, and found 14 authors who received support under the #club5050 initiative. That is, I received a sample of 14 authors who are in #club5050. This is a small amount, but it's interesting to look at at least this. I didn't include authors like @stef1, @art-venture and @bambula in the sample (sorry!), because I already know that they did Power Up before the #club5050 initiative.

Next, I compared how much the selected authors withdrew money and did Power Up over two periods:

  • August-September, ie before the beginning of the initiative #club5050;
  • October-November, when #club5050 was already fully operational and selected authors actually received support from SC01.

In this way, I wanted to see if the behavior of the selected authors changed after they joined the #club5050 initiative. In this way, I wanted to see if the behavior of the selected authors changed after they joined the #club5050 initiative. I carried out further data collection with the help of a well-known tool:

The Results of My Little Research

I summarized the obtained data in the table:


For visualization, I made diagrams:

Before the Launch of the Initiative #club5050


After the Launch of the Initiative #club5050



It seems that the initiative works and it is gratifying. Yes, this analysis may not be perfect, but I think it is appropriate to determine the trend.

I hope that these initiatives will help to slowly, gradually build a normal healthy economy in Steemit. But it will take many years.

Notice how #club5050 changed the behavior of authors such as utsavsaxena11, alexmove, alexanderpeace, passionfriut. They used to withdraw all the money, but now they are building their accounts.

Well, it looks like the #club5050, #club75 and #club100 initiatives are working. Therefore, I urge everyone to join!

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Very interesting. Thank you.

Thank you for your support!

I noticed that authors from the poorest countries could not afford to participate in #club5050. Maybe it's worth to think about the #club25 initiative? A voting power of 2% would be enough for this club. This would involve even more authors in building accounts.

I also noticed that you support really high-quality posts. At this time, posts supported by bots are often of extremely low quality. It would be good to set some limits on the quality of content published on Steemit.

Thank you again!

I am very glad to read your blog you wrote today w/ my Indian wife,she wants to purchase this blog w/ your consent :-) I hope you enjoyed it and you may accept my offer

Thanks, but I have no plans to sell anything.

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No problem I will try next:-)

Who knows what will happen here 2marrow!!!:)

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Very interesting indeed - I know @steemcurator01 doesn't like getting tagged in posts or comments but I'll gamble on them being interested in this.

I'd be tempted to anonymise the users and would say that your 7th row is a witness and tends to receive sc01 support and the hive-#### one is a community account so would be tempted to remove them from your sample. It's good to see though and with me never being satisfied 🙂 I'd be interested to know if any of these users have received a #club5050 upvote since and how their behaviour continues (especially in those that haven't).

Thanks to you, I received support from SC01. Thanks!

👍 They probably would have seen it anyway 🙂

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Thanks! You often support my posts, and I really appreciate that.

Friend @o1eh, it is very interesting to see this kind of information. I am currently participating in club5050 and I think it has really changed the way I do things. I have turned on more steem compared to previous periods and managed to withdraw much less money. I think this initiative is a snowball that can grow and roll with a lot of force, but it is necessary to wait long enough. Let's say, what will become of club5050 in 3 years ?

This kind of questions generate me a lot of expectation and I hope to be there for that moment.

#affable #venezuela

Let's say, what will become of club5050 in 3 years ?

Well, I share your expectations. You're right, in order to see the effect of #clubs, we have to wait. It is possible that over time, this initiative will attract new investors.

Your opinion is very true, the quality of the content is actually one of the considerations. In addition, of course, the way they build an account by joining becomes part of the #club. Quality sometimes requires appreciation as motivation. Your post is very useful to read.

Thanks! I see you in #club75 and previously you have received support from SC01. You are on the right way!

This is what we expect. People who read this post will certainly be motivated to continue Power Up. Let me share it.

Success for you sir

Let me share it

Thank you!

People who read this post will certainly be motivated to continue Power Up.

I really hope so. Then we will all move towards success.

You're welcome sir @o1eh

I really hope so. Then we will all move towards success.

The success that we will achieve on this good platform begins with togetherness and cohesiveness. Also with the #club5050 Campaign support. The behavior of the chosen author will definitely have more changes in doing Power ups than melting their Steem,
I've experienced it myself.

I think from now on we can also announce the hashtag #togetherwecan because together we can change #steemit for the better